Chapter 17

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As soon as Lu Jia was finally released from the hospital, the two rushed to go watch Lu Xia's match, Lu Jia pestering her father to drive faster. When they finally arrived, Lu Jia ran to her teammates as her father went to the benches.

"Lu Jia!" Jiale smiles seeing the girl 

"What did the doctor say?" The coach asks, Lu Jia noticing as Qiao Chen slowly moved to go to her father

"It's nothing major, I'll probably be walking around with a black eyes, so, I might not be practicing for a few days."

"Alright, that's fine, take as long as you need to heal." The coach smiles as Lu Jia moves to sit next to Jiale

"The practices will be so boring without you there." Jiale whines hugging her shoulders

"Who said I'm not going? I just won't be participating." She smiles before focusing on the game

"You're a good springboard for me." Lu Jia freezes before snorting trying not to laugh too loudly

"This boy frightens me." Jiale says

"That's my brother for you."

Zhou Zhi smiles before speaking "Seems like he unleashed Lu Xia's potential." The game continues

"Lu Xia from Yu Qing won this round. Now, it is 2-2." Lu Jia cheers 

"Honestly, we thought he would be playing bad since you were hurt and he was worried." Jiale says sighing "I guess even worrying, he's still an amazing player, no one can beat him." The game continues

"I know a lot of people who can beat Lu Xia, but whatever." She snorts when Jiuxin basically throws himself to the fence "Holy shit." She puts her hand on her mouth in shock

"Ya Jiuxin is dominating the game again." Dayong says

"He's doing both fast and slow attacks." 

"It's strange. All he knows are frenzied attacks. Could he... He regards others' advice as insults. If he will take others' advice someday, he must have a special reason."

"Ya Jiuxin from the No. 3 High School won. It's 4-3." Lu Jia pouts 

"He can change his pace in this situation. He is remarkable."

"You won't lose to me if you keep practicing karate."

"Say that when you really have a chance to win!"

"This is a legendary game, wow..." Lu Jia smiles

"As a tennis player, Lu Xia  is really remarkable. He could hardly keep up with Ya Jiuxin's pace. Then, Ya Jiuxin showed a stronger capability, and scored a lot. He's even stronger after taking that coach's advice. An ordinary person would have been upset and worried." Xing Long says 

"But Lu Xia's faith in fighting has never changed."

"Right, he's been fighting bravely." Lu Jia smiles nodding, she was quite proud of her brother

The game continues, everyone watching the game anxiously "Can Lu Xia hang in there?"

"The mentality in a high-pressure situation is like a string. All strings will be broken at last." Siyang says, Lu Jia biting her lip as her brother does a A Drive

Lu Jia gets up as Jiuxin manages to return the ball "This one is for all the team members you bullied in Yu Qing."

"Finish him Lu Xia!" His twin cheers as Lu Xia makes the final point

"Game over. The score is 6-3. Lu Xia from Yu Qing won." Everyone starts cheering, Lu Jia rushing to her twin to hug him followed by Jiale and Dayong

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