The Awakening

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Ella holds her heart tightly. It's not a heart attack but it feels like one.

Her heart is cracking, she's not sure how or why but—

She glanced at Jungkook who is still lost in thought.

"Where is your mother, Jungkook?" She says as strongly as she can, attempting to hide the unimaginable pain.

"Huh? Oh I don't know. She wouldn't tell me. Only that she'd be gone for a while. And with Ma, a while could be weeks or months."

Ella knew what this pain was, it took a moment but she felt it.

"I have to go." She abruptly stands

"Why? Wait I'll come with you!"

"No! You need to wake your brothers. Things are happening a bit quicker than expected and I need to go!"

"But aunt Ella! What am I supposed to do with this information!"

"Be the smart kid that I know! Now I'm sorry but I must hurry Jungkook!"

And with that she disappears leaving Jungkook on his own.

He sucks in a deep breath before gathering the book she left and heading home.


Once Jungkook arrived home, he wasted no time heading into the basement. He quickly bursted through the door to find his six siblings still comatose.

He rushes over to the table that holds all
Of Elise's magical belongings and tries to find something that will awaken his brothers.

He doesn't know why he's rushing. But he had a feeling that whatever was scaring his aunt was going to come for them next.

Finally, he stumbled across a spell, it was in Latvian but he figured he could struggle through it.

He stood in the circle, surrounded by his siblings before speaking the best he could.

"miegs ir domāts vājajiem un tumsa tiek darīts pamodināt, lai gaisma parādītu, kas nāk." He struggles but gets it out.

Nothing happens so he waits for a moment.

When no one moves he begins to say it again but then a cough is heard.

He glanced around quickly and he sees Namjoon move his hand.

Jungkook happily rushes over to his brother and grabs him.

"Joon!? Yah Joon I did it! I spoke some weird language and woke you—"

Namjoon jumps to his feet and grips Jungkook by the collar of his shirt before rushing him into a wall.

Jungkook can feel the soreness he will gain in his back.

He releases a low groan.

"Listen here fuck face," Namjoon begins, "I am not doing this anymore, you understand? You have gone too far, attacking your brothers and for what?! Huh?! Some bullshit lie mom planted into our heads years ago?!"


Namjoon begins to choke Jungkook. His grip tightening

"Joon—-ple—ase—" he manages to choke out

"Uhn-uhn-" Namjoon growls, "Give me my little brother back or I swear—"

"Let him go."

Jungkook's eyes are watering form lack of air. He glanced to his left and saw Taehyung now standing. A deep glare on his face.

"Why should I?" Namjoon sneers, his eyes never leaving Jungkook

"I don't know how but... he's out."

"Who?" Jin asks groggily

"Jungkook... our Jungkook. I can sense him and the other.. it's like they're one."

"Yah so that means Joon is killing our baby?!" Jin announces before he rushes over to Namjoon

"Calm down, let him go." Jin says as his arms try to pull at Namjoon's one arm.

"Fine. But if he turns on us, it's your fault." Namjoon releases m him and Jungkook inhales harshly

"I—" he coughs, "I know what I did was bad—" He inhales and then coughs again, "but it's wasn't me... I mean it was me but my mind is so clear now and—oh my god I found out some information that is very vital to us now and us as kids—and aunt Ella sensed something bad coming and I think it has to do with ma—and again I am sorry but—"

"Yep. That's our Kook." Yoongi says as he continues to lay there

"Rambling as always." Jimin says as he rubs his own face to wake himself up more

"I feel totally refreshed." Hoseok says happily, "now what information are we talking about?"

Jungkook, tired of speaking just points towards the book.

Namjoon, still glaring, walks over to the book and picks it up.

"Memories?" He says aloud

Jungkook waves a tired hand and the book opens to a page. The same page that Ella opened for him.

The others gather around and read it..

"Wait... so ma was going to kill us?" Taehyung says sadly

"Not was... she is..." Jin says baffled

"Come on, you can't actually believe this." Hoseok says with a scoff

"I don't know man... it's right here." Jimin says

"So she just wants the power for herself? I'm not surprised... it makes sense."

Everyone turns to look at Yoongi,

"How does it make sense?" Namjoon wonders

"I mean she's dying, we all knew that much. We also knew she'd do whatever it takes to live. She needs the ultimate endless source. Ara is pure of heart and we all love her, and don't try to say you don't love her because I know you all do. Ara with the seven of us creates a whole piece. We ARE the ultimate source, all eight of us."

The room is silent as the wheels turn in everyone's heads. For years they were made to hate Ara so that the process would be easier for Elise but now that the plan have come to the light—

"Damn.... That was some deep shit." Jimin says

Jin slaps the back of Jimin's head.

"Ow! What was that for?"

"You ruined the perfect silence. Now I have to rethink what I was thinking." Jin argues

Taehyung snickers, resulting in him too receiving a slap on the back of the head.

"Ow....." he whines as he glared at Namjoon

"Well... maybe we should just ask mom—"

"Hoseok the evidence it right here." Jungkook finally is able to say

"But she saved us... all of us... without her we'd be dead. Why would she do that?" Hoseok shouted

"Maybe we've sworn loyalty to the wrong person?" Jimin

"I'm not going to sit here and listen to this." Hoseok says before storming past his brothers.

Jimin goes to follow but Yoongi stops him and says, "Let him go. He'll come back when he's ready. Right now we need to help Ara."

Jimin nods

"And ourselves." Taehyung says lowly
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