Chapter 1: Camping

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♡  Alaiya's POV:  ♡

That's it.

I try moving my entire body but nothing but a groan is heard.

"Leave me alone."

Now you're probably thinking that whine is from a child, but nope. It's from this Hulk that's laying on top of me and will not get up.

We arrived late last night at the camping site so everyone fell asleep before we could even say hello to each other.

Can I still be alive with my blood circulation cut off? Because that may very well be the case at the moment.

"Mom, Dayton keeps kicking me," Autumn whines tiredly.

"Your father keeps suffocating me," I say in the same tone.

Roman pinches my side.


"Cakadoodledoo bitches!" Rider yells as he enters our RV.

"Who the fuck gave him a key?" Roman groans while nuzzling into my neck.

"Come on. We have to enjoy the outdoors and get a taste of nature," Rider says his very inspiring speech.

"You spend too much time with Bethane," Roman lifts his head and says, finally getting off of me.

"Night and day," Rider smirks at Roman to get a reaction.

Roman makes a disgusted face.

"Get the hell out." Roman points, making Rider right before walking out of here.

"You have an hour," Rider sings as he leaves.

I sigh as I get out of bed behind Roman and see Dayton fast asleep on the other bed with his mouth a little bit open.

I think I might just die of cuteness.

Roman gets Autumn showered in the back while I get Dayton up and feed him his milk. Roman and Autumn walk out together with Autumn in Roman's arms with a towel on and Roman with a wet T-shirt that clings to his oh-so-well-built body. Autumn sits in front of Roman as they have their own conversation while Roman diffuses her hair. I take Dayton to give him his shower. Once he's done and has completely splashed me with water, I get in the shower and brush my teeth. Roman goes after us, and once we're all ready to go with our clothes for the day on, we walk out of the camper.

"Good morning," Bethane says like she was made for this type of thing.

"How many coffees have you had?" I ask laughing.

"Only two," she brushes me off.

Rider harm's at her.

"Okay...four," she admits, though I still think she's lying.

"It's too early for this," Ivy whines as she's being carried on Eldon's back from their camper.

"Good morning everybody," Skyler walks out with her like always optimistic mood.

"It doesn't count as morning if it's the ass crack of dawn," Sanchez groans as he walks behind her.

"I don't think I've slept that good in months." Iris stretches as she and Legend walk out of their RV.

"Where are the kids?" Ivy asks.

"Nobody wanted to go camping so I left them with Ms.Dufort," she replies.

"Where's your child?" Rider asks as he's surrounded by Grayson, Aria, Leah, Josephine, and Hope.

Once Bethane had Hope, they were just pushing out kids like it was nothing. The news was just as exciting though each time.

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