An Important Decision For Future Chapters

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I'm currently editing some chapters but for my KNY fic readers, would you like an extra arc or do you want to proceed towards the Hidden village arc?

The extra arc's purpose is for the reader to yalk more with the other love interests that had less interactions in the book (Kyojuro, Kanao, Genya etc etc..)

If you want an extra arc, I have two planned :D!! But I'll only write one though...

The first one involves fighting, a new demon (made up by yours truly), intimate scenes and of course, more about the reader!! The new demon has been causing some ruckus and is specifically targeting places where the Corps Members family or friends reside in! Detective Y/N and friends are on the case!!

The second one is a bit more laid back, it involves running errands more :] After a somewhat tragic accident, Tanjiro and friends have to rebuild Shinobu's estate and part of headquarters! With nowhere to stay, the residents have been dispatched towards Y/N's estate, making it a hotspot for injured members!!

Comment here for the Troublemakers About Arc!

Comment here for the Rebuild, Remake, Retake Arc!!

Comment here to just get on to the Hidden Village Arc!!

[UPDATE] I realized that it uploaded the unfinished draft so I had to add in the extra info again :']

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