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Aadia, get up bacha I said caressing her hairs and she snuggled in me as a habit.

Two more minutes Dadda, She spoke.

Aahnik bacha uth jao, I said caressing his hairs as well, I was trying hard to wake them up from an hour but of no use, how different they may be yet they feel so similar to me.

Dad please a moment more, he whispered and I for a moment got so contented but then suddenly I remembered his Dad might wake him up like this everyday. I felt broken up all of a sudden without any reason, maybe this is the reason she left yesterday night only after I finished talking to Mr. Srivastav. She must have felt disgusted with me for whatever I said to him without her permission, Was the message she got yesterday all of a sudden was of her husband?
Fuck Sidharth you messed it up royally.

I came out of their room in a total mess, I need few minutes to calm myself I guess.

Sidharth, I heard Ashu saying from my back, he came yesterday night once I dropped Shehnaaz to hers but right now I wasn't in any mood to talk.

Dude listen, he shouted but I entered my room and closed the door, I needed space from everyone at present including myself too.
What the hell was I imagining when I know I am too broken to love someone and moreover she has the one who loves her and whom she loves, she is just a friend get that straight in your mind Sidharth.

Sidharth kya hua hai baba, darwaaza khol, Ashu shouted from outside.

Ashu just need a smoke right now please, I spoke trying to be strong but I knew I'm not, I am clearly in a mess that need to be puffed out, maybe smoke could help.

Sidharth, He spoke again.

Just go Ashu, Nhi samajh aa raha kya akele rehna hai abhi, leave me alone dammit, I shouted frustrated.

Kidhar hai, I heard a voice I want to escape from, why was she here? I thought still in my room.

Sanu, I could hear Aadia's voice ringing in the background too.


Open the door Sidharth, I heard her voice with a knock.

I chose to stay silent, I know I'm behaving as if she affects me but then isn't it true, less than two months and I consider her my family already , she affects me in the worst way possible (only if I knew I'm already lost in front of her, even if this is wrong)

Sidharth, The knock was continuous but was I going to open, no I firm in my decision, I puffed out a smoke and it itched my inside as it has been pretty long I last did it, well the last time the reason was a girl, am I comparing Shehnaaz with Nimisha fuck no... They are different exactly opposite, I was just comparing my situations...

Sidharth open the door dammit, I'm sure she is pretty angry now but I always love to play with fire.

Fine, I never wanted to do it but I have no option left, If you ever have considered me as your friend then please just talk Sidharth, even if you don't wanna open the door, let it out Sidharth, I am sorry I left you broken last night but not now, please... Was she crying damn no, I can't see her such and in an instant I opened the door and she just hugged me tightly, the intensity with which she jumped in my arms made me stumble back and as a reflex I balanced her with one hand as the other one had a lit cigarette.

Sweetheart, I called sweetly as I found her tears trickled down my neck socking my shirt.

You do have some interset in socking my shirt woman, I tried lightening the situation and it actually worked, I could hear her giggle in my neck.

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