(7) Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

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Chapter Seven... Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

"You hit your boyfriend over the head with a baseball bat?! Jeez, Katie. I ain't never getting on the wrong side of you!"

I sat in my room with my cousin Lauren. She had heard about the incident at school from her boyfriend's sister, and couldn't stop laughing. Then, Lauren decided to see if I was alright...

"He's not my boyfriend anymore," I sighed. "And he's gonna live. So can we drop it? I'd cut his testicles off if I had the chance."

"Like I said," Lauren chuckled. "I am never gonna get on the wrong side of you!"

"I want revenge," I whispered. "And I'll get it. Don't you worry."

"What are you gonna do? Sleep with his best friend?" Lauren asked skeptically.

"Well.... no," I said uncertainly. "I mean, his best friend has a crush on me, but I couldn't do that to Russ. Have him as the rebound guy? I don't think so."

"Reasonable," Lauren agreed. "But what are you gonna do to him, then?"

"I'm gonna kill the bitch that seduced him," I hissed.

"What?!" Lauren asked, shocked. "Don't reduce yourself to murder, love."

"Oh, not like that!" I snorted. "Just... kill her so-called innocent reputation."

"She's a senior cheerleader at Maccall High," Lauren smirked. "Can't be too hard to trash her squeaky-clean life."

"Oh, I'll probably do more than that," I frowned, standing up.

"Look, Kate," Lauren said seriously. "Just... don't get arrested again. Okay? Your parents were pretty pissed last time."

"You think I'm afraid of getting a criminal record?!" I shouted. "I don't care! I only care about humiliating them as much as they humiliated me!"

"You took a baseball bat to someone's head, Katie!" Lauren snapped. "That's not normal! That's rage! And you're gonna get yourself into a lot of trouble!"

I thought about Lauren's words, then sighed.

"He should have thought of that before he had sex with some skanky little cheerleader who's gonna find a footprint in her face when I step on it," I spat, storming out of my own bedroom.

I wandered down the street, away from my house. I could hear Lauren running after me but I didn't stop.

"Kaitlin!" Lauren shouted. "Wait!"

"No!" I replied coldly, storming away.

"Look, you can't just beat the shit out of people who have burnt you!" Lauren pleaded, grabbing my arm and pulling me to face her. "If you do that every time some ass takes advantage of you like that, you're gonna have yourself a place in a prison cell."

"Who says I'm gonna hurt him?!" I frowned. "I'm just gonna humiliate him... teach him a lesson. hope the poor girl that's with him next won't cop this crap!"

"You're still cranky, Katie," Lauren sighed. "You're furious. You want revenge. But you gotta give yourself a cooling off period before you do something you'll totally regret."

I thought about it for a moment.

"Screw that!" I hissed. "I got suspended from school today because I hit that asshat over the head with some junior kid's baseball bat. And he only got the day off of school because he had a headache!"

"Whatever," Lauren groaned. "But I'm not gonna pick up the pieces of your life when you finally break down because you realise you've made a mistake."