Suzume's POV

   We both took off immediately, running through the forest, straight towards the tower in the distance. Gaara didn't talk much, he just looked straight ahead. We were already half way to the tower when we saw a couple people in the midst of a fight. There were a couple of weird-looking ninja with a music note on their headbands.

   "They are from the Village Hidden in the Sound," Gaara murmured quietly so they didn't hear. Their specialty is genjutsu affecting the ears. But they probably know a little ninjutsu as well. You shouln't worry about them. I'll take care of them if they notice us."

   I don't think Gaara needs to take care of them. Some leaf kunoichi is creaming them! Not literally.

   Wait... I know her from earlier outside.

   That's Hikari!

   Kekkei Genkai. That stupid voice said. She can manipulate water with ease.

   Since there wasn't a water source (like a river) nearby, Hikari started to draw moisture out of the moist soil, turning the soil into dry sand. She made a hand sign.

   "Water style! A thousand needles!" The water from the ground formed into countless thin, sharp needles, that impaled the Sound ninja. Within a minute, they were on the ground, motionless. Hikari went and grabbed the scroll that was lying on the ground. An Earth Scroll.

   Gaara sighed. "Let's go. We are wasting time."

   I nodded, and we took off again. I estimated only 20 minutes had passed before we departed again.

   We entered a clearing . The tower is near.

   "Are you going to come out now, or are you scared?" Gaara threatened. Who is there?

   There were three more Sound Village ninja. I looked at Gaara. He had that look. Oh, no... He smirked. "Stay here. Allow me. We are getting a Heaven Scroll."

   I tried to protest. I need practice more than anything, why not try some jutsu on these goons? "Bu-" Gaara cut me off my putting sand over my mouth.

   "No excuses," He growled. "These are mine." I sighed. I can't do anything now, he'll kill me!

   One of the sound goons takes out umbrellas, throwing them into the air. He makes a hand sign, and it starts raining needles. I take a step back, holding up my arms in defense. Gaara sent to protect himself, but it was too late.

   "This jutsu attacks at all angles! There's no escape!"

   I gasped, as a single needle stuck through my arm.

   My blood began to drip out of my arm. Before any other needles could hit me, a barrier of sand protected me. Gaara.

   He began to breathe heavily. He looked terribly unstable as he stared at my injured arm. We were safe inside the wall of sand he created. Eventually, the needles stopped. Gaara was going in for the kill now.

Gaara's POV

   My sand rushed to protect me from the needles, and left Suzume defenseless. she didn't have enough time to use a jutsu to defend herself. I watched in horror as a needle stuck through her flesh, and the scarlet colored liquid dripped from her arm.


   I immediately sent my sand to expand the barrier around her as well. Something inside me started to stir. It was my inner demon seeking revenge for my injured little sister. My hands became fists, and I started to breathe heavily. They are going to pay with their lives!

  The needle shower suddenly stopped. My sand shield crumbled, revealing the Sound idiots trembling in fear. They should be. They are going to die.

   With a quick hand motion, my sand started to surround the enemy with the umbrellas. He's going first.

   "This is for hurting my sister. Sand Coffin!" I said while closing my hand into a fist.

   I know that I rarely show sympathy for Kankuro or Temari, but they're older than me. They are perfectly capable of defending themselves. Suzume is different. She doesn't have the same level of strength. It's my job to protect my twin sister.

   The other two ninja started to panic. "H-here," One of them stuttered. "Just take the scroll, and we'll stay out of your way." I took the scroll. A Heaven Scroll.

   I glared at the both of them. "You're not going anywhere!" I shouted, my sand already heading towards them. They stared in shock, meeting their demise. Good for them. They shouldn't be living.

   "Sand burial!!!" I commanded. The sand crushed down on top of the two. They're done for.

   "Let's go," I motioned to Suzume, and we entered the Tower.

* * *

Suzume's POV

   "Since nobody's here, I am going to treat you arm." Gaara said, with a protective tone to his voice. He looked around, only to find the empty tower. It's been around 2 hours since we entered the forest, and since they offered a several day time limit, they obviously didn't expect us to finish so early.

   Wait... Gaara knows medical ninjutsu? Since when?

   "Good," I agreed. Glancing at the large needle still in my arm.

   We both sat down on the floor, and he gently slid the needle out of my arm. I winced in pain, but it was quickly dulled. Gaara is holding his hand above the cut, a green aura around his hand.

   "You should be a medical ninja," I said. He shook his head, a sad expression on his face. "Like anyone in the Village would trust me being a medic."

   We remained silent for a period of time. "There," he stated. "You should be fine. We should head into the room and open the scrolls now."

  "Yeah," I agreed. "Let's get out of here."

* * *

   I took the Heaven scroll, Gaara took the Earth. He nodded, and we both opened them at the same time.

   There was a small passage. We both read it out loud together, and out of nowhere, someone appeared in front of us. It was the silver-haired jonin from earlier. Hikari's sensei.

   "Hi," He said with a closed eye smile. "Nobody usually gets my scroll. I'm here to tell you that you passed. Congratulations! You didn't take very long at all. You may now depart the tower, and go straight out of the tower to the exit."

   On that note, he disappeared into a cloud of smoke. Gaara took my wrist again, and we vanished in a swirl of sand.

* * *

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