The Blue-Apple Cooperation

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Hello intellectual human life form,

The Wattpad world can be a confusing place. So with Blue-Apple's manual to our stories, we aim for you to be un-confused about our stories.

This is a quick guide/note/manual to how Blue-Apple runs it's cooperation:


Afraidness to Vampires: No Longer entered into the Watty Awards, Blue-Apple hopes to succeed in making this a finalist. Genre; Vampire+Romance+Adventure+Mystery/Suspense.


Venice, 2011, Caitlin eats, sleeps and breathes the very air Vampires do. With friendly Vampires living among her everywhere, She is struggling to tell the difference between Truth and lies. I mean, Vampires aren't friendly are they? When the murder among her closest friends, Vampire or not, who can she trust?


The Black Chambers: Not Entered in the Watty Awards, this however does not make it any better or worse, just need to write a bit more. If Blue-Apple receives "interest"  (comment, fans, votes) in the story, Blue-Apple may feel the need to enter it. Genre/Category/Subject/Part of library: Adventure+Half-a-Romance+other stuff which is hard to put into one word. 


[Inspired from the Harry Potter series by J.K.Rowling] Becoming a legendary creature is hard to handle, but it’s not too hard for Marcus. Marcus sees many of what we would call disadvantages, as advantages. As the new legendary creature, lots of girls might come running, but secretly are they trying to kill him? Is the special attention actually because he’s a legendary creature or is it because he has toilet roll stuck to his shoe? Living the life of legend-can’t be that bad can it?


Blue-Apple hopes you have enjoyed reading our guide/note/manual.


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