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There was anticipation as I waited for the clock to strike at 8:00. I had met a young girl at the bar a few nights prior. AS we discussed what we did, she alluded to wanting to make a change. Considering we were both into the kink scene, I offered her a night that she would remember for her life.

My little shop that made a profit from serving the kink scene also offered packages for willing subs, subs that were wanting to experience a night of pleasure and euphoria. I offered my services to Karina, mentioning that it had been quite some time since I offered a package as I did. I offered it at half price. In exchange, I could have my way with her body and hair.

I heard a knock on my salon's door and as I unlocked the shop the gorgeous girl with the long hair.


She nervously smiled at me, revealing to me what she wore.

"Welcome Karina," I said with a wide-tooth grin, allowing her to step into the shop and lock the door behind her. "Follow me, I just need you to sign a few things." I motioned her to follow me to my desk. "And might I say you look marvellous." The little lady dressed in a little plaid black skirt. If it wasn't for the black stocks she wore, there would likely be a clear shot to her undergarments. Covering her tiny chest was a tight black tank top and a black leather jacket. Every time she moved a click and a clack reverberated in my ears.

"As you can see, everything in my agreement is there. Make sure to check the list of things that are a red light for you, things that you're willing to try but maybe not, as well as the green light for things you are fine with." I instructed. Any client of mine that came willingly was given this form. Everything was left up to the client. Some gave me free rain while others gave me guidelines.

She spent a few minutes going through the documentation before signing her name with a heart at the bottom. I gathered the forms and looked them over and a smirk filled my face. She smiled nervously at me.

"There's no need to be nervous, you're completely safe in my hands. I just want to be sure, you're okay with all of this," I asked.

"I am," Karina's voice delicately replied.

"Alright Karina, then as per the forms, from here on out, if I ask you a yes or no question, I would like you to reply with a yes sir or a no sir. You've indicated that your safe word is potato. If at any time what we do becomes too much, mention that word, everything comes to a full stop, and we will go from there. If you need me to slow down, say yellow light and I will do so. Are we clear as mud?"

"Yes sir," she smiled.

"Then follow me," I said softly and guided her to the "staff only sign." I guided the petite frame down the stairs, introducing her to my playroom. "Now, Karina, come stand right here," I instructed, guiding her to a point on the floor. I slowly guided her purse from her to be set on a chair. "Stand straight, with your hands at your side. I want to inspect you. I also plan on removing your clothes here. Do you understand?"

Slowly she nodded.

"Speak up Karina, I wish to hear your voice."

"Yes sir," she said, keeping her hands at her side.

I slowly moved behind her and ran my fingers through her lusciously long hair. Apart from a few split ends, the hair that nearly reached her bottom was in immaculate shape.

"You have very gorgeous hair," I whispered as I raked my fingers through it, breathing my words through the side of her ear. "Are you really willing to give me free rain with what I do with it and your body?" I asked, confirming the papers.

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