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Chapter 27: Insurgency

Montello High School. Maaaring para sa iba ay isa lang itong ordinaryong paaralan. May maganda at Victorian style na gusali, dormitoryong para sa Babae at Lalaki, at mga tipikal na uri ng mga estudyante. Subalit para sa akin, malayo sa salitang normal ang Montello High. Ni hindi ko nga namamalayan na ilang buwan na pala akong nananatili rito. Ilang buwan na pala akong nakikipaglaban para sa buhay ko. I met some friends, at least, that's what they call it. I met lots of enemies. I met a few bitches, nerds and rich, spoiled kids. I met gangsters, mafia, assasins and oh, a detective. Walang-wala sa expectations ko na makakaharap ko ang ganitong mga uri ng tao.

I also experienced lots of activities. Well, school activities are a given but some are not really so-studious. P.E., table tennis, basketball, trespassed into the boy's dorm, kidnapped by some rogue organization and a boring stay in the hospital. And maybe, I actually learned a few lessons: from solving algebra to world literature, from protecting someone to surviving for yourself, from listening to thinking and from remembering to letting go.

The good thing was, I saw Lawrence again. Hindi man literal, naniniwala ako na nakita at nakausap ko talaga siya. Kahit wala na siya, nagawa pa rin niya akong tulungan. Because if he didn't help me to let go of him, I would still be holding on to the idea of "us" even in death. Hindi ako lalaban para sa sarili ko. Hindi rin ako magkakaroon ng takot na mamatay. That might be the beauty of letting go, you'll know how to live. It was like breathing with new eyes. It was like starting all over again. Kahit na hindi maganda ang magiging simula ko, it would still be a starting point.

And as a starting point, I was cutting out some paper stars for the design to be used for our school festival. I couldn't even remember why I was tricked into doing this. But it was Mirden's fault. Yeah, she was back. And she was currently giving directions to all people inside the room like a goddess. Mukhang tine-take advantage niya na naggaling siya sa isang traumatic na insidente at hindi pwedeng bigyan ng dagdag na sama ng loob. And now, she was commanding everyone on the Book Reader's Club to participate and give some efforts for the upcoming school festival. And she got me into doing this kahit hindi naman ako member ng club. But hell, galing din naman ko sa isang traumatic experience, ah! Tsk. Ang tanging sagot niya lang sa akin when I reasoned it out ay mas malakas daw ako kaysa sa kaniya. Oh, crap. So was that some perks of being stronger than the others? But then, since I was stronger, I might as well do it. Anyway, it sucks being a weakling.

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