Not-so-sweet dreams

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It's useless, but once more I try hitting Stheno, only for me to go right through her. As I look back to the girl, she continues convulsing and gasping for air, seemingly trying to get even the smallest bit of air into her lungs. As I try reaching down to help her, the girl stops thrashing. Her dark head slumps against the hard ground, as her eyes stare vacantly into space.
She's gone.

"C-Carys?" Hazel whispers, causing me to whip around to stare at her. She can see me??

As she stares at me with wide eyes, I realize that the answer is yes, she can see me.

"Hazel! Where are you???"

She shakes her head at me sadly, as Stheno starts laughing maniaclly at the dead girl lying on the floor.

"She needs three relics, Carys....The answer is on Olympus." Hazel whispers, her golden eyes illuminating fear.

"I-I don't know what you...." I cut myself off, realizing something. Cupids golden bow.....A golden goblet that Nico said Hazel had been sent to look for....The disappearance of both relics are related! She's trying to tell me there's a third....

"Hazel where are you??" I shout, thankful snake-bitch can't see or hear me. Strangely enough, no one else can either.

Hazel makes a movement that looks like a shrug. She looks terrible....Like she hasn't gotten sleep or something to eat in a while...It's enough to make me want to cry seeing my friend hurting like this.

"What is wrong child of darkness?" Stheno purrs, turning her attention back to her living victims. "If you do not wish for the last of your friends to die, you will tell me what I want to know!" She growls, allowing her flaming red snakes to start hissing vehemently.

"I'll die before I tell you anything." Hazel growls, her golden eyes narrowing at Stheno with hatred.

Stheno merely smirks by this. "Well....Considering I don't wish to get Hades on my trail from your demise....I'll be settling with taking your friends lives instead..." She glances at both Frank and the unfamiliar boy. "Let's see.....Should we flip a coin to decide who's next, or should I just start with the black haired boy beside you...."

"Ahhhh!" I shout stupidly, trying to tackle her once more. This was a ridiculously stupid move that doesn't work. Instead, I crash onto the floor. I now fully understand how Patrick Swayze must've felt in Ghost.

I lock eyes with Hazel, and judging from the look on her face, it's as if she's suddenly developed an idea.

"Carys! RUN! FIND THE BOW! GET IT BACK BEFORE SHE GETS TO ZEUS TOO!!!" Hazel screams at me, causing everyone to look around the room in wonder.

Frank throws her a questioning glance, while the other guy with them looks afraid of Hazel's random shouting. Stheno's jaw has clenched, as she looks around the room in wonder.

"Carys Harlow.....My oh my, it is really going to please me once I hold your head on a pike..."

"RUN!!" Hazel screams at me, as I turn to run. I sprint out of the room intent on heading towards an unknown location, and that's when I hear the screaming again......This time, it sounds like it's coming from the guy who was traveling with Frank and Hazel.


"Ahhhhh!" I yelp, sitting up in fear. My skin is clammy, and I feel cold sweat beginning to prelude from my forehead. With shaking hands, I rub my eyes awake. It was a dream.....Just a dream.....Just a dream, that felt oh so very real.

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