Chapter - 1

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It was a dark eerie night. No one was anywhere to be seen. I stood in the middle of the fountain park waiting for Joshua. It was not a surprise that he was late...again. We had planned a long drive to Manhattan for our Anniversary this year, but it doesn't seem like we would be going there anymore as it had already been 1 hour and yet he is not picking my calls.

 I tried to call him again but he didn't pick up, then I tried my luck and messaged him but he didn't reply this time too. Just as I was about to leave I heard someone whispering something to someone else.

Curiously I stood up and walked up to the bush behind me from where I was getting the noises to see what was going on, but to my surprise I found no one. I wanted to investigate more but stopped myself for moment when I felt someone pull my bag I shrieked and pushed the man, knocking him out and then started running to towards the a shop near the bus stop in street-22 hoping to see someone there, but no one was to be found.

I was panicking; I knew that man would soon catch up to me. I started turning pale as I saw a black figure running towards me getting closer and closer by each passing second. I wanted to run, I wanted to scream but for some reason I couldn't move my legs and my chest felt like a rock, it was as if I was paralyzed. Just when I felt I was going to faint, a bright light strike my eyes making me squint , I saw a car rushing towards me as if it wanted to take me down, but it stopped beside me and I saw Joshua inside it. 

I had never been more relieved to see his emerald green eyes before. He opened the door and before I could hug him and cry on his shoulder he asked me to quickly hop in. He looked worried and scared which made me worry.

He told me that we had to move out of the city as soon as possible. I was freaking out second by second. I asked him what was going on, but he just sat there, not responding as If he had seen a ghost, cold sweat was trickling through his neck and his hands were shaking, It seemed like he was mumbling something to himself but I was unable to hear that. After a few hours of driving we were at the outskirts of the beautiful Manhattan.

I still hadn't recovered from the shock from last night. I had many questions, but no answers. I wanted to ask Joshua what the matter was but I kept remembering his face in the car which made me think twice whether I really wanted to know.

Joshua was a jolly, strong man. He scarcely showed his weaknesses, it was the first time I had seen him that way. He suddenly asked be if somebody tried to attack me last night when I stood waiting for him.

I shakily replied his question still getting the chills, the dark figure running towards me, I all felt like I was trapped in a horror movie. I think I was too obvious that I was scared, but after looking in my eyes he hugged me and promised to protect me for eternity. Even when he is a ghost, which made me smile and also brought a grin to his face. He again asked if I was hurt or not, I hugged him back and said he came like a superhero last night and saved me.

In the end after he was done asking questions, He promised me that he would keep me safe until this is all finished. I still didn't understand what was going on and he didn't he still didn't tell me.

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