Chapter 13

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"You know Ty, we can just walk instead of running. We might get on an accident or something"
I nearly shouted at him. He didnt listen instead he just runs faster. My lord i almost trip on the rock. It would be a huge embarrassment if i trip. Plus ill get scratches. As we ran through the soft warm breeze of the morning. I can see the train stop at the distance. When suddenly...
Just like what i said, i tripped on a rock. My arms are burning. I lift them up and i see scratches from the ground. I can see people looking on our direction. I can feel myself heating up i feel so embarrassed. I saw a shadow coming towards me while im still lying on the ground. Its Ty.
"Omg im so sorry Sky. I didnt mean- i mean, i should've listen to you. I mean. Im sorry" Ty looks like he is freaking out. He is trying to make me stand up while avoiding to touch the scratches on my arm. I should've worn my favorite sweat shirt. "What should we do.. Uhhh.. I have first aid kit in my apartment. We could go there if you want. Besides its just near from here" Ty said as he was still worried because of my arm scratches. I can feel a little bit amount of blood falling from my arm. It really burns to be honest. So i just nodded at him and he started walking while i followed him.
Later on we were standing infront of a white apartment. Theres a big entrance gate which is where people use as the main door. And there are glass windows and terraces.
"Come on in. My apartment is on 3rd floor, 4-C. Just incase you want to stop by" he said with his warm smiling face. I feel so much better just by looking at his face. Its cute. We got in the main door and i can see is an old man behind this counter. " Hello Ty. Whos the boy?" He asked as Ty looked at me before he replies to the old man.
"Oh uhh just a friend... We need to get something in my apartment because... Yea..." He replied with a worrying voice. The old man smiled and just nodded. He took out a newspaper that he is suppose to be reading. Ty and i walked towards the elevator and he pressed the up arrow button. "I usually take the stairs because its faster than using the elevator but... Yeah i dont want to suffer you because of your arm." He said. I just nodded. I tried moving my arm and it hurts. Its better not moving it and let it heal. The blood is still dripping so i used my shirt to wipe it off. Ty probably has shirts that i can borrow for awhile. The elevator door opened and we got in.


We step out of the elevator and i look around the hallway. As i turned to my right i saw Ty's room. We walk infront of Ty's apartment and he got his keys. He unlocks his door open and he turn the lights on. Its so clean and well organized. Ty saw me got impressed so he smiled to me. I smiled back. "Sit on the couch first while i get my first aid kit..." He said. I nodded at him and sat down on the couch. The couch is really soft. Its softer than my mattress. Ty entered into a dark room and closed the door. I got my phone and called Tyler. I told him that i wont go to the cave with them for awhile since i have a painful scratch on my arm. "Okay Sky! Just call us back if youre okay!" Tyler said with a happy tone. I wonder what they are doing in the cave...
Ty got back with his first aid kid and sat down beside me. "I also ordered for pizza. Dont worry this is my treat for you... Since i caused that scratch on your arm." He said with a frown. "Dont be sorry Ty. Its just a silly accident. Besides! Its not that bad.." I told him even though my arm hurts as hell. I dont want to worry him about me that much. He took out a huge bandage out of the first aid kid. He also took out the rubbing alcohol and the cotton balls. He puts a little bit amount of rubbing alcohol on the cotton ball and slowly rub it on my scratch. It hurts. Ty saw me and so he stopped. He took the bandage and puts in on my scratch. It feels so much better now. And the good thing is that it doesnt hurt if i move my arm. "Thanks..." I told him. We both smiled.
"So uhh... Do you want to do something?" He asked . He isnt looking at me. He is looking at something. "I dont know... How about you??" I asked him. I felt my heartbeat beating faster.

'Dont try assuming again, Sky'

He slowly tilted his head to me. Our eyes met. His eyes were shining. Its beautiful. I felt myself heating up.

'Omg Sky no!'

"Soo uhh..." He said as he was trying to break the silence. He stood up and got in the kitchen. He got two glasses of water and walking towards me. He noticed the blood on my shirt. "Oh Sky! Do you want to change your clo-" he accidentally tripped infront of me.

'Damn it why does this happen everytime'

He stood up and saw me. Face to face. Our eyes met. He was ontop of me again. He slowly closed his eyes and slowly coming closer to me. I just closed my eyes. I can now feel something on my mouth. Its his mouth. His mouth is soft. Very soft. The kiss was passionate. Right until the doorbell rings.
"Oh its probably the pi-pizza..." Ty said. He quickly stood up as i was still lying on the floor.

'Damn it!'

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