"You can't see that boy anymore, Lucy! I've had it!" Calum yelled.

"He's never done anything wrong, Dad!" Lucy shouted. Charlotte stood next to her husband quietly, holding his hand to try to calm him down.

"I love him and nothing you say will change that," Lucy said stubbornly.

"You might love him and he might tell you the same but I doubt he'll mean it when he breaks your heart. I don't want you messing around with boys yet!" Calum said.

"I'm almost eighteen! I'm gonna stay with Dylan," she said.

"Lucy, we're trying to see the bright in the situation, we really are. We're okay with you having a boyfriend. We love your sister's boyfriend! We just don't think Dylan is the best option," Charlotte spoke up, defending Calum as always.

"Come on, Mom," She huffed. "You of all people shouldn't be talking about a bad influence boyfriend. I'm pretty sure Dylan hasn't been in prison and he hasn't gotten me knocked up in my senior year unlike Dad did to you."

"In high school we made some mistakes-" Charlotte started, only to be interrupted by her angry daughter.

"Mistakes? Are you saying that dating Dad was a mistake?"

"That's not what she's saying," Calum said quickly. "And Lucy, for your information it didn't matter that I made my own mistakes in high school because I treated your mom like a queen and put her before anything. Your boyfriend doesn't show those qualities and that's why I hate him."

"Well I hate you, Dad!" She screamed at him, running out and slamming the front door, her car engine being heard seconds later.


"Lottie, it's fine," he sighed.

"She didn't mean that," she said, rubbing his back.

"Judging by how she's acted around us for the past few months I'd say she meant it," he said, taking a deep breath and walking away.

Charlotte sat down and lightly cried. She had had a broken family in high school. She didn't want her kids to have the same.

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