One day. 

That was how long Orion Kane had left to live. She had been in the Sky Box since she was fifteen, and tomorrow, she would turn eighteen, and would be sentenced to death. Why one may ask? Well, that secret would be taken to the grave. Although, she was sure everyone on the ark knew about it.

It had been ninety-seven years since Earth was destroyed by radiation, and everything was wiped out, causing the human race to flee to the ark, a giant space station. And there she was, in some gray cell, rotting away until tomorrow, when she would get floated. Another may ask what it means to be floated. The answer is simple. A guard locks you in a room, opens the door, and you fly out into space, dying in a matter of seconds. 

There was nothing to do in her cell, so Orion sat, and threw a ball at the wall, then caught it, and repeated the action. She did this daily. It was quite normal for her.

Orion turned her head when she heard the cell door open. 

"Prisioner 347, hold out your right wrist," The guard said.

"Why?" She had stopped throwing the ball to ask.

"Just do it," He answered gruffly, "before I make you."

"I'd like to see you try," She sneered. For a girl who was 5'1, Orion tended to pick fights with just about anyone.

However, she soon realized her mistake when he brought out his taser.

"Okay, let's take it easy now," Orion chuckled uneasily, nervously backing up with her hands held in surrender. The guard grabbed her wrist just as she tried to bolt to the door and cuffed an odd looking metal bracelet on her wrist. She turned and kneed him in the stomach and take off outside, where many others are in the same position she was.

"Hey! Stop her!" A guard calls and before she knew it, she was running as fast as she could through the crowds of people.

Orion knock into someone and let out an "Oomf!" as she hit the ground.

"Abby? Clarke?" she asked and looked up at the two before me. Clarke was her best friend growing up, and she had no idea she had gotten locked up as well. Orion got up and hugged Clarke tightly.

"Mom, what's going on?" Clarke asked Abby. "They're killing us all, aren't they, reducing population to make more time for the rest of you?" 

Orion was confused. What did she mean by 'making more time for the rest of them?'

"Shh," Abby tried to calm her daughter.

"We're supposed to get reviewed at eighteen."

"The rules have changed. This gives you a chance to live. Your instincts will tell you to take care of everybody else first, just like your father. But be careful, both of you, I can't loose you. I love you both so much," Abby cried and brought us into a hug.

Two guards came by and before she had time to react, Orion had passed out.


Orion groaned and lifted her head up.

"Well good morning to you too, Sunshine," She heard a voice beside me say. She looked to her right and see Wells.

"Wells?" Orion questioned, still groggy.

"Wells, why the hell are you here?" Clarke snapped from her left. 

"Woah, what happened between you two?" Orion asked, looking back and forth. They both ignored her.

"When I found out they were sending prisioners to the ground, I got myself arrested. I came for you. Both of you," He replied. Orion scoffed. She knew Wells only came for Clarke; he was absolutely smitten for her, but at least he included her.

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