Chapter | 31 🌲

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Warning: Appearance of the two biggest whores in the planet, second to YOU

Adan was heavy of the research and investigation of where Diwa's enchanted tree would be. Any tree with a circumference bigger than 5 meters is potentially it. These types of spirit-gods resides on the biggest tree in their country of origin. The redwoods in America is most likely host to one, for example. And the biggest...

Adan's eyes widened, just as Kelvin came inside his room.

"Dude, you're not ready to leave yet? We're packed, and the helicopter is filled up. Mahiro is loading up the bombs." They had planned to plant bombs in the biggest Balete trees in this islands, and immediately leave for China. But, Adan was frozen sitting in front of his computer after he did a thermal scan of what looked to be Diwa's tree.


"Kelvin..." he whispers in shock, a trembling finger pointing at the tree. Kelvin took a look and immediately realized. Adan commanded, "Mission aborted, disarm all the bombs!"

Kelvin cursed and immediately went down to scream at his brother that the mission is cancelled and they're going to China, now.

Meanwhile, Adan is frustrated and slamming his fists angrily onto the table. "Fúck! Diwa, you fúcking bítch! Fúck, I should've known a spirit god is that smart... shí—"

The whole house suddenly shook, and the next thing Adan knew, Shen was screaming and the power all went out. The Arks' tattoos immediately glowed to protect their Shen; Kelvin created a protective wall of ice while Mahiro created a huge machine gun straight from his mechanical heart.

"Kelvin, take him to somewhere safe!"

"They destroyed the helicopter!"

Adan lands at the debris beside them after spotting the many attackers, "Mahiro and I will hold them off; Kelvin, you have defensive abilities so you stay with Shen and get the fùck out of here."

Kelvin drags Shen out to the backyard where he throws the boy up in the air and used water to push him over the wall, the sea catching both of them below.

Meanwhile, Mahiro asks, "How sinful are they?"

Adan grunts, "Most of them are innocent soldiers. Only a few is worthy of death..." his eyes managed to focus on three people with massively dark aura, with an adult male having the darkest. "The darkest sinners seem to be the most powerful... I'll handle them."

"Don't die on me, man..." Mahiro mutters before his gadget transforms into a mountain bike for him to ride through the debris, and be exposed the army. With this, it turns into a gun for him to have too much fun with. "YOUR PLANS NEEDS TO BE EXECUTED WELL, BÍTCHES!"

Commander Seraphine hides behind a tree as one of the Arks start shooting them, a bullet grazing Ryūji after not reacting fast enough. The commander curses, "We shouldn't have brought your bítcháss along!"

"It's just a graze, are you concerned?" A breathless Ryūji scoffs, a little happy that he's finally being noticed after a long silent treatment.

Seraphine glares at him while reloading his gun. "I'll kill you myself." He then proceeds to zero in on the Ark and shoot.

Ryūji finds that a little cute, but snapped out of it when he smells a familiar scent being whisked to their direction by the sea breeze. His instincts acted up and when the men caused the Ark to take shelter for a bit, he bolted towards where he sensed Shen is.

His scent... is so strong?! He's here?! Only Ryūji seemed to recognize it, and it may be wrong, but he can't forget the smell of rubber bands and watermelon that is Huang Shen.

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