Chapter 1 - A Childs Scream

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Levi's POV

In the beginning, the Third World War was just a rumour spreading across social media but that all changed on the day power was lost all throughout the world, nobody really knows what happened to the power and maybe we will never know what truly happened. People started to panic, some couldn't live with themselves, those people didn't last long but the more determined began the war. I was only fourteen when I joined the army hoping to find a way to eliminate the enemy and protect what little family I had left which was my baby sister Mikasa.

It's been two years since then and I'm sitting in the dirt waiting for this scum to put a bullet through my brain. 'I am ready to die, I have done my best to serve this war. I am no longer needed. Mikasa forgive me.' My thoughts were cut off when I heard a young child's scream. I opened my eyes to see that soldiers were still ransacking the village we were in. I had thought all the villagers were dead as I knew my squad was but there in the grip of an older gruff soldier was a defiant young boy with scruffy brunette hair and eyes the colour of the caribbean ocean. He screamed once more and the soldier pinned him on the ground, unbuckling his trousers. I knew that the soldier planned to rape and kill that child. 'The boy couldn't be much older than Mikasa' 

'I am still needed. I can not die.'  I felt the gun still stabbing into my skull and quickly twisted the hand it was in taking the gun into my own two hands and shooting the man in front of me. In a matter of seconds all of the other scum were dead on the dirt covered ground and my gun was empty. When I said all I meant apart from the man hovering over the boy as I couldn't risk shooting the child. I grabbed the soldier by the hair and yanked him away from the boy who was now trembling in fear.

I would have made sure to torture the man for the inexcusable act he was about to commit to the young boy. I wanted to break his bones and make sure he paid for the pain he was planning to inflict on the boy, I knew this would traumatise the kid so all I did was hit the soldier over the head and he fell unconscious.

"Hey," I said to the young boy. He looked up at me, fear still evident in his enchanting emerald eyes. "My names Levi Ackerman. You are safe now, I'm going to protect you." The boy nodded in slight understanding. "What's your name?" I asked the boy, he looked around nine years of age. "I'm Eren Jaeger," he mumbled in less than a whisper.

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