40// Tori

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Sinking my butt down onto the sand and watched the waves, I don't know how I got here, or what I'm doing here for that matter.

I don't really remember much, it's fuzzy like a dream, but I remember Marcus and I remember the gunshots, I remember feeling the burn and the pain, along with feeling cold all of a sudden.

And I remember seeing Derek, the pain and the fear in his eyes as he held my hand, told me to fight. I also remember the love in his eyes, which is why I told him that I loved him, because I know that I might not get another chance too.

Shitty time on my behalf but hey...what's a girl to do when she's just been shot. I don't even know why I'm making jokes right now....because I'm scared.

"There's nothing to be scared about my dear" turning around at the sound of the voice, just as I see my Nan coming towards me and sits on the sand next to me.

A massive smile on her lips, I can't believe she's here....but if she is here does that mean I'm dead?

"Am I dead?" I ask her sadly, there's still so much I wanted to do. I want that life that Derek told me about, I wanted to be his wife, I wanted to be Daisy's mom.

"No, you're stuck in-between right now" Nan answers me and takes my hand gently in hers.

"What does that mean Nan?" I whispered.

"It means your body is fighting to live, but your soul is here with me"

"Can I go back?" she nods her head.

"You can but that's up to you Tori, but in my opinion it's not your time yet. You have so much more living to do still, which involves that hot man of yours that has the body that any woman of any age would want to lick" Nan breaks off and laughs to herself.

Shaking my head and faked gaged.

"Seriously Nan...that's just wrong" I smiled.

"What? I might be old and dead but I'm still alive in the afterlife dear"

"You are still something I see" I laughed.

"You know I'll never changed my ways, it's almost time for you go back"

"I don't want to say goodbye to you again" I cry.

"Oh honey it's never goodbye I'm always with you" she whispers with a smile.

"Now listen to me live a happy life and settle your unfinished business with Mia" letting out a groan as she mentions my cousin.

"Of course, if you know about Derek, then you know what she did to me, how she hurt me" I argued.

"I know what she did, but I want you too know that there's going to be a time when she comes to you for help. And when she does Tori, she's going to need your strength, your fight and support and I know in my heart that you would stop at nothing to help her, because it's who you are" Nan says to me.

"Yeah, maybe when hell freezes over and Satan himself comes out to play, maybe then I'll support her" I huffed.

"Hush and no sassing me girl. Just keeps my words in your heart, I'll be watching over you along with my great-granddaughter, Daisy is just precious"

"Nan-;" I break off feeling the tears forming in my eyes.

"Hush dear, go live your life and be happy. We'll see each other again" she whispers just as she begins to get further and further away from me.

Closing my eyes and smiled as I let myself feel the warmth around me. As my thoughts go to Derek and Daisy and the life we're going to have together.

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