Chapter 18

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       Peter drove on. Each mile felt like an eternity. Empty roads and on each side of him were miles of crop fields. Peter stared as he passed each corn husk. He tried to play a game to see how many he could count. That all couldn't take his mind off his sister.

        Peter looked in the mirror. A car had suddenly appeared behind him. This wasn't any ordinary car; a flash of red and blue came out of no where. It was a police car. Peter panicked. He couldn't get caught because this wasn't his car. He decided to pull over.

        The police man came out of his vehicle, and approached the stolen car. Peter took the knife out of the arm rest. He was ready to kill.

        "Can I see your driver's license, car insurance and title please?" The policeman ordered.

        He was an average sized guy, but hovering above Peter he looked 7 foot. Peter trembled on his words. His fear would soon turn to anger.

        " Oh sure let me grab it," Peter hesitated.

        Peter shuffled around the car searching for things that he knew he didn't have. " I am afraid that I don't have any of those things." The cop did not look to pleased. 

        "Ok don't move I will be right back," firmly stated the policeman.

        He turned around, and slowly walked back to his car. Peter knew this was his chance to get out of there. The only problem was that the cop had his face. Peter grabbed the gear, and shifted it to reverse. He stepped on the gas pedal all the way down. The car began to back up slowly until it gained speed. Peter kept going until he heard an agressive thump, and a squeal. He slowly kept going until he saw the policeman in front of the care instead of in back. He bled on the floor with a tire mark caving in his skull.

        Peter put the car back into drive. The cop got to his feet before Peter could see. He raised his gun, but he was too weak from the blodd drooping down the side of his head to the ground. In between the cracks of the cement road, under the dirt, through the core of the earth. Until his blood slips into hell where the devil feeds off of it.

        Peter once more stepped on the pedal, and hit the poor policeman with his car again. After that, Peter's rage got the best of him. He went over the dead sack of a body about a hundred times before the thrill was gone. The bump the car made after the tires contacted with the cop made Peter wish it was his uncle. He, who had taken his sister. Peter had almost forgot about her. About the pain she feels now. All he wants is her. His sister Sarah.

        Peter took the torn up roadkilled human, and put him back in the police car. One more dead means one less in his way. It was night time by now, and Peter was about five minutes from the place Sarah was being kept. He got a message on his phone:

        They just keep dying don't they? An officer of law really? Now I knew you were messed up, but not this messed up. Listen your sister has seen everything. All those who have fallen to your agression. Your father, mother, aunt, uncle, my men, innocent people, law officers. She saw the dozens of times you ran the cop over. Boy is she pissed at you. See I am not corrupting her by showing her this. You are the one killing everyone like Michael Meyers. Think about it. See you soon nephew :)

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