39// Derek

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Rushing towards where Tori's and Marcus bodies fell, dropping my gun on the ground. Dragging her gently away from his dead body, locking my eyes on her gunshot wound, blood leaking through her tank top, keeping my emotions at bay.

"Tori....baby....can you hear me. I need you to keep your eyes open for me" I cry placing pressure on her side, hearing her hiss out in pain, and meeting her eyes, seeing her staring at me.... she's alive.

"Ambulance is seven minutes out Derek" I barely hear Jack words as I keep my focus on Tori. Feeling the blood coating my hands, she's bleeding too much.

"I'm sorry...." She whispers to me, shaking my head and looked at her.

"You have nothing to be sorry for, I'm sorry I couldn't keep you safe"

Tori tries to shake her head and hisses out in more pain, before placing a hand gently on the side of my face, her eyes full of fear but also love as she looks at me.

"You did....you found me...." she coughs.

"Don't try to speak but keep your eyes open for me. I need you...." I keep my eyes on her, her eyes are open but slowly fading.

"Baby...come on open your beautiful eyes. You can't leave me yet, remember we have this beautiful life together waiting for us-;" I say softly to her, just as jack drops to his knees next to me.

Meeting his eyes for a moment, he doesn't say anything for a long second.

"Let me take over, hold her hand... talk to her" he whispers to me calmly. Nodding my head and moved my hands from her wound, just as Jack re-places pressure on her side, she hisses out in pain once again.

Taking her hand in my hand, while running my free hand through her hair, trying to comfort her.

"Fight Tori, fight for the life we're going to have. You, me, Daisy. As soon as you get better, I'm going to make you my wife, we're going to have a house full of kids, maybe even get a dog, you will still be an amazing nurse, helping people, we can even go and live anywhere you want angel..." 

I talk to her about the dreams I have for us, a whole life that she needs to fight for.

"Sounds perfect....I wish we....could have....had it....promise me....you will keep.....living for....me" she spits out, seeing blood leaking from her lips.

Where the hell is the damn ambulance.

"Don't say goodbye...do you hear me! You're a fighter Tori....so fight baby...I need you to fight....you're my reason for breathing" I cried kissing her forehead,

"I....love....you" she gently says to me, just as her eyes close. Hearing the sirens of the ambulance, keeping my eyes on her chest slowly moving, which means she's still alive.

Watching in a blur as two paramedics rushes to her, placing wires and needles in her. An oxygen mask is placed on her face, standing to my feet as Jack pulls me away so they can help Tori.

"She will be okay buddy, you've got to hold it together, you can fall apart when you know she's okay" Jack says quietly to me, but we both keep our eyes on where Tori is being worked on.

"We're ready to move her, which one of you is riding with us?" One of the paramedic asks us. Taking a step forward to her.

"I am" I replied, she nods and then takes back off to where Tori is being loaded into the back of the ambulance.

"Go I'll be right behind you" I barely hear Jack say to me, as I keep my eyes on ambulance, turning my eyes away from Tori towards him and nodded my head.

"Can you call Deacon for me?" I ask him, Deacon loves Tori like a sister. He needs to know that we've found her, but she's hurt and that it's bad.

"Yeah I will"

"If you're coming, then move right now" I hear someone shout, turning my eyes to the paramedics and took off in a run, before climbing in the back of the ambulance and took a seat next to where Tori was, taking her hand in mine and prayed that she will get through this.

~ ~ ~

Pacing up and down the hallway of the hospital, it's been hours since they rushed Tori in here. And nobody has told us anything, other then she's still in surgery. There was too much blood, she lost to much blood and she's only small. 

How does she survive that kind of wound, she didn't deserve this, and it shouldn't have happened to her.

Looking around the hallway, her parents are here, so it Jack sitting next to Grace who has been throwing my dirty looks, not that I can blame her, she thinks this my fault and she's probably right.

Shaking my head and ducked out of sight for a moment and slid down to the floor, letting my back rest against the wall, putting my head in my hands.

I can lose her...I didn't even tell her I love her. I heard her say it but I didn't say it back, because I didn't want our first time saying those words to each other being out of fear, fear that those were our last moments together,

"Derek...." I hear a voice barely, looking up from my hands to see Deacon bending down in-front of me. His eyes red from crying himself, like I said Tori is family to him.

Shaking my head and let my tears fall, I don't care that I'm crying, because I'm crying for the woman that I love.

"It's okay....I've got you..." He says to me, taking a seat on the floor next to me.

"It's bad Deacon.....she coded twice in the ambulance" I cried, trying to not remember that moment her heart stopped right next to me.

"That girl is a fighter and she's not leaving your ass for anything...but you need to keep it together for now" He reassures me, wiping the water from my tears off my face and looked at my younger brother, I'm glad he is here.

"Where's Daisy?"

"When I got back into town, I asked Tess to watch her, told her what was happening" He answered. As much as I need and want to see my baby daughter right now, I can't focus on her and be her dad, not when my head is messed up not knowing what's going on with Tori.

Opening my mouth to thank him, just as he taps me on the arm and mentioned me to look ahead.

Getting to my feet, just as he does the same and both our eyes lock on the Doctor in scrubs heading our way.

"Family of Victoria Winters" 

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