Ryouko's POV


"Is there a problem?"-Okumura

"None.I just like doing it"-Me


After that Reiko came...



*I remember it again.Ryouko is with Yukiteru yesterday.Are they dating?*

"What's happening to you?"-Me


"You sure?"-Me


"Guys,I will take my seat"-Okumura

"Okay"-Me and Reiko

"Do you want to go on my house tomorrow?"-Me

"Sure n_n"-Reiko


After that Yukiteru arrived...

"Sup? n_n"-Yukiteru

"Hey n_n"-Me


"I can't wait to go on your house"-Yukiteru

"Yeah I know"-Me


"Huh?"-Me and Yukiteru

"Are you two dating?"-Reiko

"No way!"-Me

"Eww!She is not my type"-Yukiteru

"Because I saw you two on the cafe earlier"-Reiko

"But Reiko,That's not me"-Me

"Yes.She's Kyouko"-Yukiteru

"Ohh ' . ';"-Reiko

"Shall we seat?"-Me


After that we take our sit...

End of Chapter 26


Very short update!

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