Adam's POV
I don't know why I ever agreed to play this game. "W-Wait a sec, Seto, how do you know about these ponies, only me and the others actually got transported." I asked as I shivered and read the newspaper clippings from the Pizzeria. "I may or may not go to Equestria every summer. And that one time with Minequestria and stuff... That was weird." Seto answered. "Oh yeah! Duh." I replied. I continued reading the newspaper clippings and apparently 5 children were murdered by an employee wearing a Golden (Butter)Twilight Spar- Wait - TWILIGHT SPARKLE SUIT?! And then apparently a kid got their BRAIN bit out from an animotronic. When Rainbow comes back I'll ask her, whenever the fuck that is. The next thing I know I see a picture on the wall with what seems to be a poster of a crying child, and then I start seeing her all the time. With flashes and occasional giggles. I then see a menacing pony staring at me. I throw the metal fork at the hallucination and the fork hits Jerome in the back of the head. "Ow!" I heard him yell. "Dude wtf." he asked me as he turned around and looked at me. "Heh. S-Sorry." I said as I started to laugh. "Whats so funny dude." Ty asked me as he looked over at Jerome and atarted laughing too. There was a huge mark on his neck. We're never gonna let him off for that one.  I stared at my watch. Its only 2:00 o'clock. We still have 4 hours to go.

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