The Storm Before The Flash

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Hello guys, ish me! Sorry this update is late, but I'm kinda on school holidays aha and have not much motivation, but do not worry, the story WILL go on, whether I want to write or not. 

Yes, so... let's get into it??? This is a very short intro hahaha Your unmotivated writer- Sophie!

As she walked deeper into the cave, she began to drop, she wasn't sure how, but she was falling. All her sense was muddled up until she finally plummeted right on top of Mr Forkle. Oops.

Sophie scrambled up awkwardly, bumping headfirst into physic as she did so. Why did she have to be so clumsy? 

"Well," Physic said, smiling kindly," Shall we start?"

"Uh,  yeah, I guess. Are you sure this won't nearly kill me again?"

"We will never be sure of that, but we will try our best, here is the-" Mr Forkle was interrupted suddenly.

"WAIT! I mean, sorry, Uhm,  do you promise me you will do everything in your power to make sure I don't... die?"

"Of course we will, now, here is the Limbium, you still have a choice whether you want to take it or not, just so you know." Physic handed her a small bottle, with the substance inside glowing purply-blue.


Sophie thought suddenly about how her allergy had affected her before. Should she test it again? Even if it was to fix her, she didn't think this big of risk was necessary, but there was no other option. Unless she wanted to leave her abilities unfixed...

No. She couldn't do that. She was the Moonlark.  

Unscrewing the dark brown cork she tipped the bottle slowly up to her lips. 


The sickening sweet taste flooded her mouth, overwhelming all her senses like punishing tear-gas. Her nose was burning like icy fire, her eyesight was covered in thick purple splotches.

Her physical feeling started to drop away, she could no longer feel the bench beneath her, but she could faintly tell she wasn't falling. "Come with us...."  Tiny invisible hands reached out towards her emotional system, "Tip, tip over," She couldn't tell who was whispering faintly in her mind.

Cough* did you find the Matilda reference??

The tiny hands pulled her into unconsciousness as she fell into a deep coma.

 A/N Ya, it's not long, but I wanted to publish!



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