6 months later

Sabrina: one two three four five six seven and eight...Yall got it

So I'm fully healed from losing my baby and I had to find something to keep myself busy. So Chris suggested to Trey to let me choreograph his dancers for their concert. I have been really enjoying this it's been keeping my mind off of everything.

I was chilling in the studio after rehearsal just dancing around. I really feel like I haven't danced in a long time and it feels good to be doing this again.

I was in my own world when somebody grabbed my waist.

I turned around and it was Trey

Trey: Wassup

Sabrina: hello Mr. Neverson

Trey: how are you?

Sabrina: I'm ok and you?

Trey: I'm good.

Sabrina: that's good

Trey: I wanna thank you for doing this. I know you've been going through a lot

Sabrina: no thank you! This has really been a breather for me and you know I love to dance

Trey: yeah I know. Your amazing at what you do

Sabrina: thank you

Trey: so you gone show me a couple moves

Sabrina: oh you wanna dance too?

Trey: I mean I gotta bust a couple moves with yo man on the stage doing what he do lol

Sabrina: I can't even imagine you dancing

Trey: what?! Girl don't make me bust a move on you

Sabrina: show me something then

Trey: okay

He went and cut on the radio and started doing what he called dancing. I was laughing hard it made my stomach hurt

I had to stop him

Sabrina; ok you could use a few lessons

Trey: who better to teach me than you

Sabrina: so you really wanna dance

Trey: Naw lol I'm joking.

Sabrina: good

Trey: was I that bad?

Sabrina: yes

Trey: ouch! Couldn't even sugarcoat it for me

Sabrina: lol your cute so dancing doesn't matter

Trey; oh I'm cute?

Sabrina: your handsome!

Trey: much better

Sabrina: aye don't try to make me drool over you! I am married lol

Trey: don't worry I won't tell Chris that you're secretly in love with me

He walked up on me

Sabrina: lol whatever

I hit his chest and my damn heart skipped a beat

Trey: you're not too bad looking yourself

Sabrina: excuse me lol

Trey: you're beautiful

I just looked at him in his eyes and my knees got weak. I had to look away so fast

Sabrina: thank you

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