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Natalie had been out for a while after her surgery. Several hours that was enough for Amber to let their family know about what had happened. It took Natalie's mother, Cara, few hours to take the plane from San Francisco to Seattle. But she didn't come alone. Bella, her other daughter was with her, along with their childhood friend, Liam.

Bella and Liam were travelling the world together with a voluntary organisation. Both of them were doctors, Bella was a neurologist with a specialty to sleeping problems and Liam was a plastic surgeon specialised in paediatric.

Natalie hadn't talked to either of them in a long time. The last time she heard they were to Indonesia. She knew they were alive, because neither of them was good at keeping contact. It was one of the reasons Natalie was mad at them. Because if she had them at the time of the custody trial she would have fought harder, knowing that her people were with her.

When Natalie was waking up, she was oblivious that all those people were in the room. And she wouldn't handle it well. She never handled her family well, especially since her father died.

She opened her eyes slowly, the bright light hurting her eyes. It took her some time to adjust. "Aw damn, she's waking up. Oh Turner I was going to kiss you awake and be your prince charming." She heard someone saying and it took her a while to recognise the voice. Liam Murphy. One of her closest friends.

The first thing Natalie saw was a pair of blue eyes looking down on her.

"I'd wake up to slap you." She said to the familiar person and then smiled. "How long was I out? What are you doing here?" She paused and looked around, her friend Liam was not the only one she saw. But also her sister and of course her mother. And then her eyes fell to Amber who was giving her a guilty smile. "Is this a family reunion?"

"Hey big sis, you're supposed to call before the accident." Bella said and looked at her sister worried. It wasn't that Bella didn't care about her, it was just that she was a little too complicated. Always in the middle of messed up situations. Always running off when things were hard. Always expecting Natalie to be there for her to pick up the mess she had made. But that wasn't internally her fault. Not when Natalie was always the one who calmed her down when things got hard. Since they were little, Natalie got into the role of the big sister a little too fast.

"Sorry, I didn't want to ruin your busy schedule." Natalie didn't want to let any negative emotions affect her, just right after what had happened. But it was not so easy.

"Natalie!" Her mother gave her a look. But then her eyes softened and walked to Natalie's bedside at the hospital bed. She caressed her hair motherly and tried not to cry. "I was so worried. I took the first flight to Seattle. You should have called me honey, I could help you somehow."

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