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My Bullies...(Mindless Behavior Story)

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This Is A Bullying Story! Its Not A Story When The Girls Fall In Love With The Bullies And Let The Boys Beg For Them.. No. They Take It Slow But Yea This Is The Intro


Brandi And Dani Are Twins Identical Twins They Are Sisters Of Jacob Perez The Most Popular Boy In School Along With His Friends Chresanto August, Craig Crippen,And Raquan Smith.Also Known As Roc, Prod, And Ray.. But What You Dont Know Is That These Boys Bully Them And There 2 Other Friends Aubrey And Kalia.Even Though Jacob Is There Brother He Does Obsolutely Nothing About Them Being Bullied.He  Doesnt Want To Loose His Click , The Twins Hate The Guys With All There Heart But Cant Do Anything About It If They Even Tried To Stand Up To The Guys They Will Be Hurt.

Dani,Brandi,And Jacob Lost There Mother Who Was A Total Monster. She Abused Them, She Temped Jacob To Drinking,Smoking,Killing,And Joining Gangs,She Temped The Girls Into Selling There Bodies,Also Drinking,Smoking,Killing,And Joining Gangs.One Day She Got Really Upset They Were 10 And Jacob Was 11 And She Sent Men To Come And To Scare Them Not Phsically Though.. But They Didnt Listen While The Mom Was Drufaded (Drunk And Faded(High)) The Men Had Raped Them.. Repeatly For 4 Years Untill One Day Prince Walked In On Them...Youll Find Out! But There Mom Died Drunk Driving Blah Blah And Yea They Live With There Dad Who Doesnt Know About The Bullying.....

You Will Find Out More Of There Life In The Story..

My Bullies...


Press The External Link!! To See The Characters If You Cant See Them Look On The Side But Please Go To External Link I Want To Show You Guys The Video..

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