#2: Try to climb up the wall and walk on the ceiling.

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It was quite some time until I had lost whoever it was back in the food section. I guess they were hungry. I shrugged, pulling out The List. Oh, this one was going to be good:

#2: Try to climb up the wall and walk on the ceiling.

I looked around, and walked lazily to the nearest wall. Which, of course, wasn’t very far. I stuck my foot on the shelf of action figures, and began climbing.

I know, I know! I’m so awesome!

Suddenly, though, the shelf that my foot was resting on broke. Action figures went flying all over the place, saying their lame catchphrases. I thought I got all of those, I thought as I regained my balance. The other shelves gave way to my weight, sending me falling to the ground. I hit my head on one of the metal shelves from behind me, making everything spin around.

“There you are!” that Whoever yelled angrily, stomping toward me.

Black spots filled my vision, and all thoughts were erased. That’s when I was unconscious.

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