38// Derek

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My feet hit the ground as soon as Jack pulls the car to a stop, at the coordinates that Dolton gave us. According to him the tracker is still online and still here but moving.

Which means Tori is alive and here somewhere and I'm going to find her.

Adjusting my bulletproof vest and draw my gun from my holster, turning to see Jack doing the same. Facing the officers in-front of me and stood straight.

"Listen up, our suspect is one Marcus Murphy. He is considered armed and dangerous at this point-;" I started to give the profile to the officers looking at me.

"Be cautious he has a hostage with him, Tori Winters. She's our top priority at this point" Jack announces.

"Also be on the look out for Officer Murphy, as many of you know he has been missing the same amount of time as Tori. He's also Marcus Murphy older brother" I disclosed.

"Is Officer Murphy involved in this or is he a victim too?" One of the officers asks. Flicking my eyes from him to Jack and then back to the Officer asking the question.

"As of this moment we don't know what Officer Murphy's part in this is. Other than he is related to the suspect"

"Three teams. Me and Detective Henderson are going to follow the coordinates. Another team will go in the opposite direction, to block it off and one team will stay here surrounding the perimeter" Jack gives the orders.

"Stay alert and watch one another's backs" I added. And then turned to meet Jack's eyes just as he meets mine.

"Let's go and find your girl" he says to me, nodding my head and headed in the direction the tracker is signalling from.

Making my way slowly and quietly through the woods, gun aimed straight ahead in my hands.

When we got a location on Tori, we looked up the area and there's nothing but woodland here, no houses, no properties, if I would have to guess Tori was in a bunker underground deep in the woods, that's why the tracker wouldn't work. And the fact that now it's online, means she's above ground, we just need to find her.

Pulling out of my thoughts and focused on my surroundings ahead of me. I can see Jack moving from the side of me as we get deeper into the woods.

Stopping in my tracks as we hear tree branch's  breaking, like someone is stepping  on them.

Signalling Jack to take the lead as I'm personally involved in this case. He nods and starts to follow the sounds and I follow behind him, weapon at the ready.

As we walk closer into the woods, we come to a dead stop when Marcus Murphy comes into our sights, Tori being pulled in-front of him, narrowing my eyes on her, the best I can.

 I can't see any injuries, but I can see her hands in handcuffs, Marcus pushes her to walk faster, mumbling something but we're too far away to hear what. But what I can see clear as day is the gun in his hand.

"Jack what's the play here" I whisper trying to not draw attention our way.

"You stay behind me, seeing you might cause him to become more unstable. We approach slowly and calmly Derek, for Tori's safety"

Nodding my head and followed behind him, trying to stay out of sight for the time being.

"Marcus Murphy. You're under arrest" Jack shouts gaining his attention. I watch as Marcus comes to a still, directly facing Jack but a few feet between them.

Marcus holds Tori in-front of him, the gun pressed against her upper rib cage.

"Don't come any closer, or I will shoot her" Marcus yelled, pressing the gun harder into Tori's side.

"You don't want to do that Marcus, you care about Tori you wouldn't hurt her if you can help it" Jack says calmly to him, trying to get him to lower his gun.

"She's mine....she belongs with me" He mumbles, I take a step closer not able to hold back, not with the way the tears are running down her cheeks, she needs me, she needs to know that I am right here with her.

"How about you just let her go for a moment, I understand why you would want to keep her close to you but look at her Marcus she's scared"

I try to focus on Jack words.

"No she's not, she knows that I love her. This is what is going to happen, you're going to back up and we're going to leave, just me and Tori and you'll never see us again, and if you stand in my way, I'll put a bullet in you like I did my brother" Marcus hissed towards Jack.

"Officer Murphy is dead?" He asks getting confirmation that one of our officers is no longer with us.

"Yes. He wanted me to give her up and I couldn't do that, so he had to go"

"I know you don't want to give her up, but your surrounded Marcus. There's no way out, so let her go" Jack barks.

Stepping out from behind jack, just as Tori eyes flicker to the side and they catch sight of me.

"Derek" She cried in relief and keeps her eyes solely on me, which draws the attention of Marcus, who gets angrier at the sight of me.

"No you can't have her, she doesn't belong to you" Marcus snaps bitterly at me.

Moving a little closer to him and to Tori, my gun still aimed.

"Your right she doesn't belong to me, she doesn't belong to anyone. She's her own person, she's a good person Marcus. Who doesn't deserve to have a gun pressed into her side, it's time to let her go" I gently approach him.

"No...you need to leave. She doesn't want you" he hisses to me and then looks down to Tori, who was still staring at me.

"Don't look at him..." He added pulling her roughly closer to him. Which makes her cry out in pain.

"Tell him you don't want him, that you don't love him Tori" By now Marcus is yelling, Tori shakes her head, her tears falling more now.

Marcus grabs her hair and makes her look into his eyes.

"Tell him or I will kill him and then kill you" He screams at her, watching as something flickers through her eyes, something like anger and a need to fight.

"I can't do that" She whispers slowly, he lets go of her hair and pulls her up straight, so she was back to standing in-front of him.

"Do you love him Tori" He yells at her, locking my eyes on her and shook my head, silently telling her not to answer him.

"ANSWER ME!" This time his screams ends with him slapping her across the face, losing every control I have in me and start to rush at him, only to be stopped by Jack, who cuts me off with a warning look.

Stopping my tracks and stood still, keeping my eyes on her and him. The sounds of her cries, killing me because I can't get to her.

"More then anything" She whispers and meets my eyes.

The air stays sill around us, only the echoes of Tori's last words.

"Well then that's it, isn't it...." Marcus mumbles to himself, before taking one more look at me and Jack, then moving his eyes to Tori.

"Goodbye my love" He whispers just as he pulls the trigger of the gun that's still pressed into Tori's side, as I hear the loud bang, followed by birds flying away.

"NO!" I scream and without second guessing, I pull my trigger hitting him right between the eyes.

Leaving another bang echoing around us. 

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