How To Bypass The HP Ink Cartridge

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Sometimes it is necessary to bypass the ink cartridge in an HP printer to get past a certain number of errors or problems that may be affecting print or production quality. With most HP printer models this task is simple and involves pressing a series of buttons on the control panel. It will take about 10 minutes to perform this bypass of aligning the cartridges, and to get your back on the road to printing images and fine documents again. It is a solution to problems that occur during alignment or other service programs.


1 Turn on the computer and the printer by pressing the power button of each, if these machines are not already turned on. Allow the computer and printer to boot.

2 Press the "Enter" or "Setup" button (depending on your printer model) on the top of the printer and hold it down while pressing the "Menu", "Options" or the "Enter" button. Each model has a different type of button.

3 Press and hold "Settings" and the up arrow on PSC 2400 and 2500 Photosmart series printers.

4 Press and hold the "Settings" key and then click "OK" on the J4500 Officejet J4600 series and printers.

5 Select an item to print to test the printer. No message indicator should appear if the cartridge is bypassed successfully.

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