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March 1, 1994. Kurt calls Rosemary Carroll, Courtney's entertainment lawyer, and asks that Courtney's name be taken OFF of his will. Shortly after, Courtney asks Rosemary Carroll to hire the meanest, nastiest divorce lawyer that she can find.

March 3, 1994. Courtney, along with Michael "Cali" DeWitt, join Kurt in Rome with Frances Bean in tow. Kurt writes a letter to Courtney after she leaves him in his hotel room to go shopping & "enjoy" herself. Kurt was ill & weak with bronchitis. The note was very disparaging towards Courtney. It speaks of Kurt wanting to leave Courtney and getting a divorce. This is the SAME NOTE that Sgt. Cameron of the Seattle Police Dept. told Courtney to get rid of, as it would not help her. In a recorded telephone conversation, Courtney admits to Tom Grant, the Private Investigator she hired after Kurt went "missing" in April, that she BURNED the note.

March 4, 1994. Kurt spends at least 20 hours in a coma in a Rome hospital. The cause? Rophynol (the date rape drug), which Courtney had a prescription for, was found in his system along with champagne. The doctor in Rome said that the amount of Rophynol in Kurt's system was the equivalent of TWENTY pills?!! Courtney had discovered Kurt unconscious between 3am - 4am with blood coming out of his nose but did not call for an ambulance until 6:30am. WHY? Was she waiting to make sure that he was DEAD before she called for the ambulance? Courtney actually said in a interview with Select Magazine (May 1994) that she thought that Kurt was dead when she called for the ambulance. Sounds like attempted murder to me.

March 18, 1994. Courtney calls Seattle PD, claiming that Kurt locked himself in another room with a gun and was going to kill himself. Police show up & speak with Kurt. He tells the SPD that he is NOT suicidal & does NOT want to harm himself. (Courtney was already planting the seeds of "suicide" with the SPD just a few weeks before Kurt's death.)

April 4, 1994. Courtney files a report with the Seattle PD, stating that she is Wendy O'Connor, Kurt's mother, claiming that Kurt is missing, has a gun and is suicidal. So, here again, Courtney is telling SPD that Kurt is suicidal. But WHY did she claim to be Kurt's mother? Because now you have TWO people close to Kurt claiming that he is suicidal.

TWO serious conflicts of interest: Courtney was a club-hopping buddy of Nicholas Hartshorne, who was the M.E. who performed both Kurt's, as well as Kristen Pfaff's autopsies. According to an interview with Kurt's grandfather, Leland Cobain (which can be found on You Tube), he believes that Courtney was having sex with the Medical Examiner AND the lead detective on Kurt's case! Courtney was also friends with Det. Antonio Terry, a narcotics officer with the SPD. Nicholas Harstshorne moved to FL shortly after the death of Kristen Pfaff, who died under suspicious circumstances as well. She was the bass player for Hole, who was leaving Courtney & the band. The day her body was found, she had a U-Haul parked in front of her apartment. She was moving to Minneapolis to get away from Courtney. Eric Erlandson, Courtney's ex-boyfriend, as well as Kristen's, was the last person to see her alive. According to Kristen's friend, Paul Erickson, who was sleeping in the U-Haul the night prior, to protect her belongings, he observed Eric enter Kristen's apartment and leave approximately 30 minutes later. Kristen died on June 16, 1994, a little more than 2 months after Kurt. She was also 27 years old. Det. Antonio Terry was murdered in an off duty incident on June 4, 1994.

In closing, I strongly believe that the Seattle Police Department FAILED to do their job and properly investigate Kurt's death because of the lies that they had been fed by Courtney shortly before his death and because of their personal affiliations with Courtney.

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