This was requested by me XD

If your up for a laugh watch the video on the side.... XD XP 


Sherlock joined the chatroom 

Watson joined the chatroom 

Sherlock- That's it, that's it, through the pipe....

Watson- Sherlock what are you doing?

Sherlock- I am playing this ridiculous game, flappy bird... more like dying bird....

Watson- I played that game, what do you think?

Sherlock- It's so stupid, I can't even get past the 1st pipe, and I've deducted that there is in fact a level 999.

Watson- What? I'm only on level 19?! Argh.... I got a long way to go.... what's your high score?

Sherlock- ....

Watson- ?

Sherlock- One....

Watson- The famous deducer can't even play a simple game of flappy bird.... Where is your 'strategic' thinking?

Sherlock- Oh shut up John! I have better things to do....

Watson- Ok fine...

Watson left the chatroom 

Sherlock- Ok maybe just one more time....

Sherlock ended up playing all night, with a high score of 5


Hope you thought that was 'un-deaded'... yes?.... no??? maybe not..

I hope you checked out the video and OMG i just laughed XD

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