Let's Work!

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"It seems that Mika will not give us any trouble, good."

Hasoo did not have time for yet another woman trying to make things difficult for him.

With the recent news of Yeoseon gaining international investors, he was now on edge trying to think of how to keep her away from The Rising Moon.

"Her appetite for more of my employees must have been satisfied, since we have not heard or seen any activity from her in the last month." He tells Seung Woo, his most efficient Private Investigator.

Looking over the photos that he had taken of her over the week, Hasoo feels his face grow hot as he sees her talking to former members of his staff.

Within the last year, Yeoseon has not only purchased a building nearly the same size as The Rising Moon, but has filled it with trainees and veteran staff. Several of his contacts within the other agencies have told him the talent coming in from her company is well above average.

"Mr. Kim? Mr. Kim? Did you need anything else from me at this time?"

Finally focusing his attention back to Seung Woo, Hasoo clears his throat.

"No. That will be all for now."

Seung Woo slightly bows before leaving Hasoo Kim's office. He rolls his neck slowly while looking out the wall length window and taking out his cell phone. The line rings twice before he hears Yeoseon's voice.


Hasoo inhales deeply before addressing her.

"Hello Yeoseon."

A moment passes before laughter is heard on the other end of the line.

"Hasoo? Is that you?" Yeoseon giggles.

"I suppose it was only a matter of time before you reached out to me, uh, oppa."

As more of her giggles are heard on the line, Hasoo grips his phone tightly.

"We have some things to discuss." he tells her as calmly as he can manage.

"We do?" Yeoseon questions as she adds, "since when?"

I will not play these games with you!

"Clear your schedule and meet me at my office by the end of the day." Hasoo instructs before disconnecting the call.

* * *

Making sure that his posture is correct as he brings his knees into his chest, Daejong finishes the last of his abdominal workout for the day. He was supposed to be working out with Chase, but in typical Chase fashion, he did not bother showing up. Daejong enjoyed the hour of quiet time and began stretching as he thought about the rest of his schedule for the week. As he will be the first of his group to serve in the military, Daejong tries to mental prepare for the transition.

I hope Chase does not make things too difficult for the others in my absence.

Lost in his thoughts, Daejong did not hear the door to the gym open. It wasn't until he opened his eyes again and saw Mika standing above him did he realize that anyone else was also in the room. When Daejong looks at her, his eyes slightly widened in shock, she smiles.

"I called out to you, but you didn't answer." Mika explains.

Daejong nods and with her help, gets up from off of the floor.

"I am sorry. There is a lot on my mind lately."

Mika shakes her head.

"No need to apologize, I only came in to see if you were okay."

The two stare at one another before he feels Mika looking him over and watches as she tilts her head.

"Do you want to talk it out or sweat it out?" she suggests.

Confused, Daejong stares at her again until Mika waves her hand over at the new kettlebells. He had never seen a girl use those in the gym and his curiosity answers for him.

"Let's sweat."

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