Figuring it Out

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Izzy and Geegi sit in shock as Xiao Mei and Ae Rin look over to Mika.

"W-what did you say?" Izzy whispers.

"My contract with the group is ending this year."

Ae Rin starts to speak but Geegi was quicker than her.

"How? How is that possible?"

Mika holds Geegi's gaze as she half answers her question.

"It was for the best. Don't worry about the rest."

Keeping her eyes on Geegi, Mika explains further.

"If I could go back to undo my decision, I wouldn't change a thing. I don't regret doing what I felt was needed."

With all the girls now burning a hole in Mika's skull, she begins to walk towards the door.

"I wish I could have told y'all in a better way, but what's done is done. Please accept this and my apologies for keeping it from you all."

The room was silent as Mika opens the door and walks out of the conference room.

* * *

"Meekeeah is really leaving? Leaving MAGIX?"

Izzy croaked out after a few moments of silence.

Ae Rin turns to face Izzy but it was Xiao Mei that finally speaks.

"I thought...I thought that I would be happy hearing such news, but I am not."

The trio quickly looked over to Xiao Mei as she started giggling.

"How can you laugh at this time?!" Ae Rin questions..

Xiao puts her hands in the air as the girls each glare at her.

"All this time I thought that she was up to something. Maybe to end me, or ruin us. But Mika... Mika-chan was preparing us for her departure." Xiao Mei muses out loud.

"What? What do you mean?" Geegi asks Xiao.

Ae Rin slowly nods.

"I think I understand your words."

Izzy finally shrieks out.

"Well, I don't understand any of this, so will y'all please make it make sense to me?!"

"I began to notice Mika acting strangely, though I told myself that maybe I did not know her well enough and said nothing." Ae Rin begins.

"Though I could not let go of this feeling, mainly when we had interviews. The seating... Mika always sat furthest away. And she did not argue with Xiao Mei when she noticed you switching the vocal sheet order during our recording sessions..."

Xiao Mei's head whips over to Ae Rin, who meets her stare.

"Yes. I changed our names so I could have more lines in 'Please please' and 'Club 3030'."

Xiao Mei admits.

"And Mika knew but did nothing." Geegi confirms.

Xiao Mei lowers her head.

Each of the girls stared at Izzy, and the pressure from feeling their stares made her squeak out.

"What? What?!"

"The things that she would say to you that made no sense then, they do now."

Xiao Mei tells her as Ae Rin nods in agreement.

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