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One Year Ago...

She is certainly taking her time reading the contract over. Perhaps her Korean is not as good as we all were led to believe it is.

Hansoo and Ra-on, his assistant, watch as Mika Collins leisurely looks over the contract with the agency. With her stamp already out, Mika reads each line in front of her, using the stamp as a guide over each sentence. Just as Ra-on was about to ask if she needed help understanding anything, Mika pushes the contract towards the middle of the table.

Just what is she doing?! Hasoo thought furiously.

If this Mika thinks she will get more money in this agreement, then she can leave now! One foreigner will have to do for now.

"Is there something wrong, Ms. Collins?" Ra-on asks patiently.

Hansoo knew his assistant well enough and could hear the strain in her voice as she addresses Mika.

"Yes. I know that you offered at least two of the other girls a 5 year contract. As Isabelle left the office, she mentioned that her contract was for 3 years. Why is that?"

Is this child seriously questioning our ways?!

"Well, Ms. Collins, you and Miss McGrant are more of a liability. So we thought -"

"That you could have us here long enough to generate buzz for your company without making a real investment in us within the group." she interrupts.

Ra-on's hands grips her glass of water tightly as Mika went on, almost to no one in particular.

"Makes sense. If you want to create a manageable scandal and get your agency in the news, what better way than to have two foreigners join the label as trainees and tease that they will be debuting soon? Cheap and fast labor at a fraction of the cost, with an easy exit."

Hasoo looks over to his assistant, who almost drops her glass after hearing Mika speak.

So she is not naïve. I should have expected as much after reviewing her background check.

Looking to end this meeting as soon as possible, Hasoo pushes the contract back towards Mika.

"If you want to become a star, then sign the contract now. Otherwise you are free to leave Ms. Collins. No one will stop you."

Ra-on gasps as Mika picks up the contract and tears it with her hands.

"I am not here to become a star. Though, I will sign with your agency today."

Hasoo pushes his chair back abruptly and fixes his now steel eyes onto the young girl.

"Why do you think I will have you sign?! After your behavior just now?"

Mika smiles as she takes a torn sheet of paper from the contract and begins writing on the back of it.

"Let's see...the news has already leaked about your plans to sign Isabelle and I today. So, if I leave and do not sign, that news will travel even faster and people will want to know why. Also, I have not signed anything, not so much as a gag order on my business with your agency. Now, I'm sure that you have done a background check on me and know that I am out of a job. Which means I have lots of free time. I could have a meeting with another label, or maybe a live interview with a few well known TV shows."

Seeing Hasoo frown, Mika laughs.

"Or not. As I am sure that you have friends at several of those places. Instead I will wait until enough big influencers and fans of your agency contact me wanting to know what happened here today. You won't be able to contain who I speak to, much less when, where, or what I say to them."

Ra-on shouts. "Are you trying to extort us?!"

"No. Just answering your question as to why you will sign me today. That is all."

Hasoo knew she was right, but he was not ready to give in just yet.

"You know that I could make life difficult for you. Why are you trying to threaten me?"

Seeing Mika look at him head on told him more than all the intel that his private investigator found on her did.

"You could, but like I said, I have a lot of free time these days."

Hasoo takes a sip of water before asking Mika.

"What terms would you like to discuss in your contract?"

Ra-on looks between the two of them and shakes her head.

"Do not listen to her sir! She is only after a bigger payout!"

Hasoo silences his assistant with a stern look before focusing back on Mika.

She nods as she stands up and hands him the slip of paper that she wrote on a moment ago.

"I am not after more money. For the group that you have placed me in, I want something that is much more valuable."

Hasoo looks over her notes, and his eyes survey Mika more sternly than before he looks back at her.

"Are you serious? You wish to have me draw this up?"

Mika nods.

Hasoo could not stop himself from asking.


"Time is the one thing you can have either too much or not enough of, if you do not make good use of it when possible. Two years Mr. Kim and I promise you, the small amendments that I am requesting will be well worth it."

Hasoo stares hard at Mika Collins as he hands the list to Ra-on.

"Please add these additions to Ms. Collins' new contract."

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