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The moment you open your eyes, you didn't expect to feel arms wrapped around your waist and black wings laying on your body as if they are a blanket.

You get flustered when you realize that those wings belong to Maleficent.

"You are finally awake, my little dove"

The familiar soft seductive voice whispers in your ear, causing you to turn around on the bed to face the faerie king.

"Good morning, Maleficent"

You lean closer to him expecting that he is going to kiss you.

But instead, he shoves you off of the bed, causing you to land on the stone ground.

Maleficent gets up from his bed and looks down at you.

"Maleficent? Have you forgotten your position?" He taunts you with a smirk.

"It is master for you, now hurry up and get ready, you have got lots of work to do, human" he finishes before leaving his chambers.

Your mouth almost drops in shock at his sudden change of behavior

The dude was sweet with you last night and allowed you to sleep beside him on his bed, covered by wings.

But now, Maleficent is back to his normal smug attitude.

'This is going to be a very long day' you think to yourself, letting out a sigh.

You honestly miss Ellard, you also wonder if he misses you too.


"We can't enter this forest and you know exactly why your highness," The grand duke says meekly to the crown prince

"Why can't we enter this forest?" Ellard asks with a confused tone.

"Because there is a faerie king who rules this forest and if we enter it, we will be breaking the pact we made with him" the duke answers.

"We are going in there, I don't care if we enter a war because of it" prince charming states bluntly.

"But your highness, the faerie king-" Ellard interrupts the grand duke off.

"If you are afraid, you can return to the palace, have a castration, and wear a dress and leave the war for us"

Prince charming grins at Ellard, enjoying his brutal comment.

"Great men think alike, you should borrow some of my books, Ellard" the blond-haired man raises an eyebrow.

"What are they about?"

"Torturing techniques"


Maleficent has ordered you to make some herbal tea as he has a guest over.

And of course, you did as he said with a sour mood, not being appreciated being treated like a maid.

The moment you enter the garden, you are surprised to see the familiar face of Prince Rory.

"Finally, you have brought the tea, come over here, I would like to introduce you to my godson, Prince Rory"

You gulp when the prince's shocked gaze drops on you.


"Prince Rory?!"

Maleficent is surprised that you two know each other.

"You know her, beastie?" The faerie king inquires.

"Yes, I met her in the forest" Prince Rory says with a dreamy tone, which his godfather notices.

"Good, because she is going to be my future wife, beastie"

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