Mugen train part 2

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The wind blew violently in your hair as you crawled on top of the train your heart beating fast as you stood on your two feet which felt like jello but you stayed steady. You heard grunting and the sound of swords and painful screeches

"You ungrateful brats i gave you a nice dream now have a bad one!" You heard the majestic voice call out "Sleep!"

You ran across the train to see Tanjiro and inosuke fighting off with the demon. You breathed out using total Concentration breathing as you sliced the demons arm of before it had the chance to connect with Inosukes face.

"Thanks B/N!"
(B/N is just the butchered version of your name as Inosuke can't pronounce names) Inosuke called out as you nodded at him

Enmu through a punch at Tanjiro which you quickly jumped infront of taking the hit for him "Y/N!" Tanjiro screamed out, his breath shaky as he looked over at you. You let out a small laugh

"I'm fine!" You yelled back "Step back now!" You screamed they both took three steps back holding their Katanas just in case you needed help. "Blood breathing sixth form bloody murder!" You yelled as the blood on your blade formed into dark red spikes you lifted your blade up slicing it through the air aiming it at Enmu all the spikes stabbing straight into him he flew from the air hitting against the trains roof.

"Good job Y/N!" Tanjiro yelled as he ran up Inosuke following behind him

"Yeah you really fucked him up!"

You choked on air "HEY! Who taught you to swear?!" You questioned turning around

"Uhh Y/N you did" Tanjiro answered back making you laugh you forgot about that.

Enmu jumped up in the air moving majestically the way he moved throughout the air was amazing he could turn in a split second he moved around in the air with the same precision you did on the ground. Tanjiro and Inosuke took their turns slicing the demon over and over again.

It was pointless.

They needed to find its weak spot.

You ran straight past them trying to find were it's weak spot was tanjiro and Inosuke keeping it distracted.

He had cut his own head of before and hidden it somewhere you just had to find out where.

As you stepped onto the trains engine compartment enmu shifted around completely falling onto the roof and landing on his feet running towards you "Sleep" He sent out his blood demon art but luckily you weren't looking his way.

You had figured out that much if you wernt facing him it wouldn't work. You saw that with Inosuke and his boar mask.

"The head must be in the engine compartment!" You informed both Tanjiro and Inosuke they took of running towards you Enmu jumping up so they couldn't touch him shifting to the left falling infront of you landing gracefully on his feet.

"My my my" He called out. You rushed in to attack him slicing both his hands of but they regenerated just as fast as you kept hitting him keeping him distracted as Inosuke and Tanjiro cut open the engine compartment.

Enmu lept up into the air and you followed suit jumping as high as you possibly could slicing at him but in the air he had the upper hand, he was better at navigating in the sky you were going to fall flat on your ass soon would you even land on the train?!

You were freaking out.

Enmu dodged another strike as you hit him once again this time slicing his stomach before you fell straight down letting out a scream as you landed on your back the pain making you lose your grip on your sword "NO!" You screamed as the blade fell from the train.

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