Chapter 16-New Beginnings With My Alpha

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Chapter 16-New Beginning With My Alpha

Madison's POV

"So let me get things straight. You're a werewolf." I state plainly, with no emotion in my voice. My dad hesitates before nodding in affirmation.

"Yes I am."

"So werewolves are real."

"Yes they are." His voice wavers slightly and my mom squeezes his hand. I make sure to keep my voice emotionless as I stare at them with a blank face.

"Do you actually change into a wolf? Or do you just change to half wolf, half man?"

"I actually change into a wolf." I nod my head and think carefully about what I want to ask next.

"Do you only turn into a wolf on a full moon? Or is it whenever you want?"

"I can change whenever I want."

"Ok." My parents eyebrows fly up and they stare at me with confused expressions.

"Ok?" My mom asks. I nod my head and they wait for me to explain myself further, but I don't.

"So you're ok with this? With me being a werewolf?"

Both my parents give me anxious looks before a grin settles on my lips.

"That is so freaking cool! Why didn't you tell me that earlier! That's awesome! Can you show me?" My parents seemed shocked, but very relieved at my outburst. I'm kind of shocked too, but I've read of few stories about wolves, and they are interesting animals. Plus who wouldn't love to be able to say that they have a parent who is part wolf?

The dream that I had where I was talking to an older version of myself comes to mind. Maybe that's another reason why I'm so calm. Or maybe reality just hasn't sunk in yet, even though I think it has.

"You're ok with all of this?" My dad asks. I nod my head quickly.

"Yeah, as I said before that is amazing! Am I a werewolf too? What about you mom? Are you a werewolf or is it just dad? Are there more werewolves around here?" I ask all in one breath. My eyes are bright and shining and my parents have soft smiles on their faces because of my excitement.

"Take a deep breath and then ask the questions one at a time so we can actually understand you," my mom teases. I roll my eyes playfully before letting out a sigh.

"Am I a werewolf? Do I get to turn into a wolf whenever I want?" My parents smile falter slightly.

"You're technically not a werewolf. You would have turned into one on your 18th birthday. You and your mom are human, but you do have some werewolf genes in you," my dad explains. I frown slightly but I shrug.

"It's alright. Are there more werewolves around here?"

"There are a lot of werewolves in this area."


"Well Blake is a werewolf," my mom replies. I arch an eyebrow at her.

"Blake is a werewolf too?" Before my parents can answer me, Blake walks back into the kitchen, and answers for himself.

"Yes I am," he states while watching my reaction. I look at my mom with a pout.

"Why couldn't we be werewolves too?" My mom grins at me and shrugs.

"I don't know, sweetheart."

I shift my focus over to Blake who is casually leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest. The muscles on his arms almost bulge out of his shirt and I turn away from him before I start drooling.

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