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Chapter 1

            In the halls of Barden Memorial Hospital, Beca Mitchell and her comrades approached room A-194 in the Females ward where they were informed that Beca's mother was. Beca had received a call earlier that day saying that her mother was rushed to the hospital and is close to death. Now here she is, ready to know her mother's wishes.

Beca belongs to a very wealthy family. Her grandfather owned a large shipping company since the 90's and hadn't been stopped even by the Great World Wars. Her father owns it now and had bought several other companies since then, now turning it into Mitchell Empire. Her brother, Luke, is as smart as anyone in the family and had been successful after he graduate as an engineer but did not follow is line of expertise, he became an inventor and an entrepreneur, inventing countless gadgets and machines that helped develop the country, he had an honorary medal for it, now he owns his own Industry, Germanus Tech. The simple and modest life had always been in Beca's Mother's side.

Her mother's parents are bakers and stall owners in London, her mother grew up near Cambridge where their bakery was open 24/7. They lived in a small home near the suburbs and Beca had visited the place and loved everything about the simplicity it had.

She actually went to London for college and received a master's degree in English and Literature to her mother's liking, there she met Jane and Alex who became her bestest friends and came Piper and Maura with them.

Arriving at her mother's hospital room, Beca sucked in a deep breath. She, in all her 27 years of existence, had never been this afraid to see her mother. She was afraid to see her so fragile, weak, and vulnerable. She was afraid of how her mother would look at her, how her smile would be pained, how her eyes would be begging to just come and take her. This was a fear her father and brother shared with her, but she was the only one who really gathered her courage and decided to visit her mother. Because her mother dying alone with no family surrounding her was more painful to think than seeing her mother look vulnerable.

With a nod of encouragement from her friends and another breath of air, Beca knocked on the wooden hospital door and entered the room.

The room was a private one with a couch on the far corner, a television facing the bed, a bathroom by the far wall and Danielle's bed by the window, heart monitor beeping beside her. She looked like what Beca had expected, only, it was far more painful than she imagined.

"Hi, mother..." She greeted softly as she entered the room, watching her mother's eyes slowly open after recognizing her voice.

"Beca?" Danielle's voice was hoarse, caused by not being able to use it for a long time.

Just watching her there on the bed led Beca to tears, she was weak. She loves her mother dearly and knowing that the woman was dying is really taking a toll on her. Clutching her eyes close, she wished in her head to stop crying and begging God to let her mother live.

A chuckle from across the room though, took her attention,"Minus badass points for you, young lady..." Beca heard her mother say and she giggled.

Only her mother would be joking at this type of situations.

"Don't really care about that at this moment, mother." She said quietly, not wanting to disturb the comfortable silence of the room,"How are you?" She asked, watching her mother carefully.

"Why don't you come here beside me and I'll tell you," Her mother urged with  a raised hand,"Let your friends come in too, I would love to see them." Danielle added when Beca was about to walk towards her.

Nodding, Beca turned and opened the door, letting her friends in. Jane, Maura, Piper and Alex greeted her mother with warm smiles and a nod, but Beca could see the anguish and sympathy they shared for her and her mother.

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