Chapter One

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Glossary of Characters

Catherine (Cat, Kitty-Cat)-One of the four main girls Fire

Sian (Sianny, Sianus)-One of the four main girls Water 

Kassandra (Kassie, Kass)-One of the four main girls Air 

Laura (Loi)-One of the four main girls Earth  

Audrey (Audi) & Lucky-Cat's huntaway dog and Kassie's tortoiseshell cat 

Alek-Head of Griffon Guard, rides a griffon named Loushka 

Daron-Member of Griffon Guard, rides a griffon named Nesha 

Sabyn-Member of Griffon Guard, rides a griffon named Tomiar 

Rumal-Member of Griffon Guard, rides a griffon named Kerak 

Gredel-Member of Griffon Guard, rides a griffon named Phroma 

Citaan-Gredel's wife 

Elena-The Sorceress & Archduchess of Elion 

Yakov-The late King's advisor 

Lieutenant Ignatius-A Lieutenant of the General Guard 

Lieutenant Rashid-A Lieutenant of the General Guard 

Lieutenant Patel-A Lieutenant of the General Guard 

Ada-The castle's fabricer 

Jenviet-The Sorceress of Vo'Arum aka the South



I hit the padded rubber mat hard enough for the air to rush from my lungs. With a grunt of effort I twisted my hips, grappling with Nathan as he worked on getting me into a shoulder lock. The loose fit of my gi—the belted kimono jacket and wide leg pants everyone in class wore—allowed him an easy hold on my arm but he made the mistake of overextending his leg. With a hard kick and swipe I flipped him, using his bent elbow to my advantage. I didn't expect him to just go with the roll and inwardly cursed when we tumbled right over, back to the starting position. Breathing hard, sweat dripping from his brow to the mat around my head, he grinned down at me.

'Awww, is little Kitty Cat stuck?'


The patronizing tone and stupid oaf-like smirk he wore irritated the hell out of me. Jerking my right knee up and leaving the other slack I snatched his collar and wrenched, slamming him into the mat. Nathan gave a yelp of surprise which I ignored while I leaned forward, about to slide into an easy shoulder lock.

Moving faster than I anticipated, he grabbed my wrists and yanked then flipped me over. Straight back to the beginning.

His arrogant snigger, accompanied by another shower of rank sweat, made my blood boil and for a second all I could see was red.

Knee to the groin, suggested the silly voice in my mind and the mental image of Nathan rolling about in agony on the mat almost made me grin.

Then the rational voice butted in sternly: Catherine, use what you were taught—no cheap shots.


Flicking my hips up I unbalanced him enough to be able to wrap my legs snugly around his waist. The look of shock on his face amused me and I went with it, arching my eyebrow while smiling suggestively. Cheap shot...? Not if he fell for it. He didn't register my intent until his head connected loudly with the mat. I smirked down at him.

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