Mugen Train (part one)

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You felt uneasy as the boys began bickering slightly you had a really bad feeling in the pit of your stomach, maybe you should all go back and ask another Hashira for help. "Guys i" You went to explain what you were feeling but before you could get the second word out you heard an ungodly squeal come out of Tanjiros mouth.

"THE TRAIN!" Tanjiro squealed once again as he pointed at it.


The train was moving and it was moving fast.

"RUN!" You yelled as you all took off running after it you jumped on first as you were faster than the other kids helping Tanjiro up and holding your hand out to help Inosuke but ofcourse be refused jumping up himself "ZENITSU!" You and Tanjiro screamed at the same time as the train sped up leaving him far behind Tanjiro held his hand out but Zenitsu couldn't keep up with the trains movements and you couldn't blame him this got really fucking fast he was just unlucky he was the last person.

You jumped over the railing without thinking but luckily Tanjiro quickly realised what he thought you wanted him to, he grabbed onto your hand allowing you to fall coming inches away from the tracks face to face with them you shuddered. If any of yous fucked up one slight movement you would die. You reached your hand out to grab onto Zenitsu "PULL!" You screamed out you felt like your arm would rip out of its socket if Tanjiro pulled any harder throwing Zenitsu up he landed safely inside the railing you were still holding onto Tanjiro for dear life as you grabbed his other hand holding both his hands tightly as he began to pull you to safety.

You let out a sigh of relief.

You didn't die.

That was good right?

"OH THANKYOU THANKYOU GOD FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL HASHIRA!!" Zenitsu yelled like a mad man his voice high pitched. You just patted his head in response

"Let's find Rengoku" You suggested before opening the door Inosuke was on edge he was nervous and so were you. You had never been on this machine that moved before.

What was it called again?


No that's not it.

You just couldn't remember.

You walked down until you heard a familiar voice yell out "TASTY!" A small break than "TASTY!" was screamed out once again

"Rengoku.." You called out as you sat down next to him.

He just turned around looked you dead in the eyes before yelling out "TASTY!" once again.









Inosuke had jumped onto a seat starring out the window. That's stupidly immature Rengoku thought and to his disappointment he saw you jump up running to Inosukes side to stare out the window in awe.

A hashira.

Really? Rengoku questioned he couldn't help but let out a small laugh it was quite cute.

He had never been on a mission with you before and he knew nothing about the Blood Hashira. The name would scare people of on it's own, but the worst part was you specialised in the torture of humans.

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