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Louis' pov

I was so happy that Hannah had decided to take me back. Right now we are cuddling on the couch watching Marley and Me Puppy Years. It was such a good movie. So far anyways......

"Hannah." I said elbowing her." Hannah." This girl was so hard to wake up.

"Hannah if you wake up you can have some ice cream." I whispered in her ear. She began to stir in her sleep.

"Do you say ice cream?" Hannah asked with her eyes still closed.

"Yes I did." I responded.

"I'm up. Now go get my ice cream you peasant." She said opening her eyes with a smile.

"Alright. But that means you need to move." I said.

"Ugh." Hannah said before moving to the other side of the couch.

I walked into the kitchen and got out the Moose Track ice cream.(this is seriously the best ice cream in the world) I put some into two bowls and walked back into the living room. Hannah sat up on the couch watching Spongebob. I sat next to her and handed her the bowl.

"Thanks Lou." She said before digging in, eyes fixed on the tv as we began to cuddle again.

Summer's pov

Niall had come over to my house around 4:30 saying that Louis and Hannah were having a movie day. He told me that he didn't want to be apart of that. Both of us were sitting in the kitchem eating sandwhiches made by me.

"So..." Niall spoke breaking the silence

"So...." I repeated.

"You maybe wanna go to the movies with me tonight?"  He asked.

"Sure." I said." Just let me go get ready."

"None sence." He shook his head." You look perfect." I looked down at my hoodie and sweats. Not my version of "perfect"

"I'm changing clothes Ni." I said walking off.

I walked upstairs and over to my closet. I was looking for one outfit and couldn't seem to find it. Found it! It was a white shirt with a black heart on it. I put on some denim blue jeggings. Then I slide on some black Toms. I fixed natural make up and did my hair in a perfect bun. I walked downstairs to see Niall in black skinnies and a Jack Willis hoodie.

"Ready to go?" Niall asked.

"Yup." I said grabbing his hand as we walked out the door.

Harry's pov.

I was so alone. Bekah had went home. Something bout a sick realitive. Im sitting on the couch alone. I decided to text Liam and Zayn and see if they wanted to go to the pub.

H- you guys wanna go to the pub
Z- sure
L- why not.
H-alright meet ya at my house in 10
Z- see ya there.
L- later.

I got dressed in black skinnies and a white v-neck. After I got dressed the doorbell went off. I walked over and opened the door.

"Hey mate ready to go?" Zayn asked.

"Yup." I said as we walked to the car. I had only one thing on my mind. This was going to be one wild night.

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