Thursday morning Claire sat at her desk regretting that she'd allowed her hormones to get the better of her the night before. Checking to make sure her boss wasn't watching, Claire pulled out her phone to text her friends; hopefully they'd be able to figure out a way to get her out of this.

Claire -  Guys, I really fucked up.

Iris - Nice! Did you finally screw Gabe? 

Miriam - I'll go with you to planned parenthood if you need it hun.

Clarie - No, we didn't do it... And I'm obviously on the pill.

Iris - Then you did fuck up. What's taking you so long?

Claire - I accidentally agreed to be his date to a wedding and ALL OF HIS CHILDHOOD FRIENDS are going to be there. How do I get out of it?

Miriam - How do you accidentally agree to go to a wedding?

Claire - Lets just say I was negotiating under duress.

Miriam - What??? 

Iris - Stop being coy Claire, what the hell happened?

Claire - He wouldn't let me cum until I agreed to go to an event with him but he didn't mention it was a freaking wedding until after the fact.

Iris - Devious bastard. It's not your fault - None of us can think clearly with a man's face in our cha cha. 

Miriam - Where's the wedding?  Will Zubin and Van be there?  We can crash. I wouldn't mind another night with those two hotties.

Claire - They won't be there... It's all the way in Schomberg where he grew up.  And his face wasn't in my cha cha.

Iris - You said you didn't have sex so I assumed he went downtown to get you to agree... OMG don't tell me you're stuck going to a wedding in the middle of nowhere and only got FINGER BANGED in return. HAHAHHAHA!!!

Miriam - Definitely not worth eating banquet hall food for. You should say you're sick.

Claire - I'd feel like a jerk. He seemed so happy I agreed. 

A loud thunk pulled Claire away from her phone; her boss Marv had plopped a stack of papers onto her desk. He stood there with an annoyed look on his plump, middle aged face. 

"Claire, I need to you to go through these reports and figure out some target prices for these stocks. The numbers have to be in my Monday."  He said and turned away.  

Claire noticed that the other two analysts, Brent and Trevor, had also been given stacks of financial statements to go through, but as usual, her pile of work was the largest.  She would've been annoyed by the unfair division of labour, but today, she was happy for the distraction. After the orgasm she had the night before, Claire was finding it harder than usual to ignore whatever Gabe was doing with his crew on his side of the office.


Gabe pulled up to Claire's condo late Saturday afternoon; the wedding started at 6 pm and they'd need the time to get all the way to Schomberg.  When traffic was light it only took an hour an a half, but there was no telling how long it would take them if there were an accident.

Any feelings of guilt that Gabe had for tricking Claire into agreeing to be his date vanished when she stepped out of her building's lobby; Claire was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Wearing a strapless blue dress she managed to be classy and sexy at the same time. Even though her dress hugged all her curves, it went all the way down to just above her knees - There wouldn't be any accidental vag- jay-jay flashing for her. Yup, she was definitely a better caliber of woman than he'd ever dated before.

"You've got to change babe." Gabe said to Claire as she opened the truck's door to climb in.

"What? Is this too casual?" Claire asked, clearly worried she'd have to execute a last minute outfit switch.

"It's not very nice of you to look better than the bride." Gabe said, unable to keep a straight face.

"Gabe! I thought you were serious!" Claire said punching him on the arm.  

"Is that the best you've got?" Gabe teased.  "Let me put this in the backseat for you."  He said taking Claire's overnight bag and putting it beside his.

Gabe had rented them a room at a B&B in Schomberg; he planned on being too drunk to drive back after the wedding. A bunch of the other guests would be staying at a nearby motel, but Gabe wanted to make sure their first night together was as romantic as possible;  a dingy motel room just wouldn't cut it.

Spending the night together was only one of the reasons Gabe wanted Claire to be his date; he also wanted to avoid going to the wedding stage when all of his childhood boys were paired off... And there was also the fact that his ex Chastity would be there with her new boyfriend. How lame would that be if she showed up as part of a happy couple and he was forced to dance with the groom's aunts and mother all night?

"OK, Gabe, you better prep me for this thing." Claire said once they were on the highway, heading away from the City.

"Well... I've known Nate, the groom, since we were in diapers.  He's a carpenter and he met his fiancee, Jessica, a nurse, when he poked a hole in his hand with a nail gun."

"Ouch." Claire said with a wince when he got to the part about the nail gun.

"I'll know most of the guests - It will probably be easier to introduce you as we go along..." Gabe was considering warning Claire that his ex would be there, but then decided not to risk her changing her mind while they were still so close to the City.

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