Shower Sex (Sapnap X Reader)

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You've had such a long day. College life can get so overwhelming at times. You pack your school items as the last bell rings. You plan to get some food, then return to your dorm. Your college was really nice, the dorms were spacey and had privacy, and the food was super good. Professors were understanding, and everyone who attended school there was friendly.

You praised yourself, you had tried all day to not think about your crush. His name was Nick, your roommate. You had a thing for him before you two became roommates, but now you were obsessed. Just thinking about him made you blush madly, fingers trembling, heart pounding. The littlest thing he did made your heart flutter.

You picked up some dinner for yourself, and him. He hadn't asked, but you wanted to eat with him. Nick seemed to give sly hints of maybe something more between them, but you blew it off as him being friendly. Or maybe he did feel the same, you were determined to find out.

Strolling the dark, empty halls of the college was, for some reason, more thrilling this time. Something felt different. Your shaky hands clinged to the bag of food in your grip, your heart pounding harder as you got closer and closer to the dorm. You took a breath, and entered. You scanned the room, Nick didn't seem to be there.

Setting out the food, you decided to check his room. Before knocking, you pressed your ear to the door. You heard faint noises, then heavy sighs. Your eyes widened, and gasped quietly when you heard him quietly moan... what sounded like your name? This was all too overwhelming, you knocked and muttered a, "I-I got food!" before rushing to the bathroom to gather yourself.

When you left the bathroom, you saw Nick eating some of the dinner you brought. He was quiet tonight. He wouldn't make eye contact, having a slight blush across his face and slightly messy hair. His shirt was ruffled, like he just threw it on.

"Oh, um, I think I'm gonna take a shower," you were too overwhelmed to even be in the same room as him, after hearing what he was doing.

He didn't bother to respond, but as you entered the bathroom you heard him get up from the chair he was sitting on at the kitchen. You undressed slowly, still in a daze from what happened. You waited a minute for the water to warm, then entered. You tilted your head back, letting the hot water hit your back. It was a little too hot, but it felt good. The slight pain made you let out a heavy sigh, almost a moan. You tried your hardest, but you could feel your body begging for attention.

Nick was the only thing you could think about. The outline of his dick through his sweatpants, his messed up hair, his ruffled shirt, his heavy breathing. It made you very horny, to say the least. You were desperate, lifting your leg slightly to try to get some sort of satisfaction to your throbbing core. You bit your lip as you touched yourself, letting your body go weak from the friction. You accidently moaned loudly, then felt a shudder run up your spine as you came.

Creeeeeak, the door opened more. I gasped, turning around to see Nick in the doorframe. He couldn't see me clearly, from the foggy glass between us. I could see him close the door behind him, and get undressed as he looked at me.

Is this really happening? Is this a dream?

He slid open the door, and I shuddered as I felt his eyes scan my body. I suddenly felt a little insecure, but couldn't help myself as I also looked at him. He had a nice toned body with a little tummy, he was about 4-5 inches soft. Which means hes like 6-7 hard.

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