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Trust: Chapter 26

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'HE'S COMING HOME! GET UP DOMINIC!' I shouted bouncing on him whilst he slept, his eyes shot open and he screwed slightly.

'You're so lucky Tyrell's coming home, if you did that for no reason...' I smirked.

'I'd rape you.' He finished and my eyes widened.

'I'm joking man, come lets go shower.' I raised my eyebrow, the one time I showered with him he made me two hours late for work. I wanted to go have a quick shower and pick Tyrell up straight away, once we'd dropped Aidan to school.

'No Dominic, I know what you're like so forget it.' He kissed his teeth and pulled me down so he could kiss me. I got off him and went into Aidan's room but he wasn't in there, I went downstairs and he was sitting on the floor watching tv, proper up close like he wanted to jump into it. I crept up behind him and picked him up, spinning him around and threw him onto the sofa whilst he screamed with laughter.

'Shay! You scared me.' He said and I stuck my tongue out at him.

'Why were you sitting on the floor? If you carry on you're gonna need glasses.' He shook his head and I nodded. I had to tell Mia the same thing all the time, it was like they wanted to jump in the tv, they sat that close. I heard the shower turn on so I knew Dominic had gone in, I made Aidan something to eat and by the time he'd finished Dominic had gotten out of the shower. I took him upstairs and ran him a bath, got him washed and ready for school. I went back into our bedroom and sat on Dominic's lap, he kissed me slowly and wrapped his arms around my waist.

'Mm, when I come back from dropping Aidan we can make up from yesterday.' He said and I rolled my eyes, was sex all he ever thought about? I just wanted Tyrell.


'Yeah, we can get him, a quickie? It's been three days.' 

'No Dominic, let me go anyway I need to go shower.'

'Ite, be ready for when I get back.' I nodded and got up, I said bye to Aidan and went to shower and brush my teeth. Once I'd got out, they'd left so I got creamed and dressed. I did my hair and went downstairs to get something to eat, I called R ochelle seeing as I hadn't spoken to her for a few days.

'Hello!' She answered and I laughed.

'Hey Chelle, you alright?' I could hear her giggling and I raised my eyebrow.

'Huh? Oh yeah I'm good.' I heard a male voice in the background which sounded exactly like Joel and I shook my head.

'Mhhm, I thought you and Joel weren't in a relationship?'

'Hold on.' I stood there for like 10 minutes waiting for her to come back on the phone. I really didn't understand their relationship.

'Okay back, sorry I got worked out last night and this morning.' I looked at the time and it wasn't even 9 yet.

'What the hell, are you two together then?'

'No Shay, I told you I just live with him and sleep with him. He is Kya's dad after all.'

'Yeah but, you might as well be in a relationship then-'

'It's not like that, we're not you and Dominic you know. I can't see myself with Joel as in a lovey way, I don't love him.'

'You just fuck him everyday right?' I said and she kissed her teeth.

'You're making me sound like a hoe, he's just being a good dad.'

'What? By letting you live there although you're not together and sleeping with you? You were perfectly fine back at home.'

'Urgh, you sound like you're hating on it.'

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