The Deceitful

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Felix finally awakes in his room. It feels weird being teleported and he NEVER wants to go through that again.

He sat up from his laid position on the bed, he glanced around his new room and can't seem the stop the homesick feeling.

How did he even get dragged into this?

His phone rings and he groans before he picks it up from the side table.

"Jaehyun?" He wonders quizzically

"Where the FUCK have you and Ara been? Huh?! I hired you off of your background.
Good work ethic! Trustworthy! Were they all lies?! She's not picking up her phone—"

"I'm not sure she even knows where her phone is."

"How would you know that??? Are you two in on some super secret dark—"

"Jaehyun, Ara's parents are missing and now she's being tracked by who we believe took them." Felix bit his tongue, he had already said too much but Jaehyun was pushing too much.

"While I'm sorry for what happened to Ara, that doesn't excuse why YOU aren't here."

"I'm also in witness protection." Felix wanting to mentally slap himself, how can't he stop giving information?

"Well then I should be too—"

"Trust me, no one wants you Jaehyun." He chuckles

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing, look as soon as we can, we'll return to work."

"You're not getting back pay."

"I figured not." Felix says before he end the call.

"Felix! Can you come downstairs?"

Felix hears Seena voice and decides to stand from the bed and make his way out of the bedroom and down the hall.

He arrives downstairs and enters the living room before he stops in his tracks, seeing a familiar face. Not familiar because he knows the woman but familiar because Ara has been staying up late showing him pictures on her social medias of her parents.

"Wow... this is... wow...." Felix says

"What do you mean wow?" Seena asks

"I mean like....Well I'm just gonna say it. I thought she was dead." He says as he stands in front of your mother and you as you both were seated on the couch.

"Jesus Felix!" You announce

"I'm sorry! I am... but like... can you blame me? We haven't heard anything and now all of a sudden here's your mom? It's weird."

"Felix.... She's sitting right there." Seena says as she point to your mother

"I don't mind... it is suspicious but I can't help that. Elise released me and told me to find Ella. To be safe and find my child.... I shouldn't have trusted her but I did and look what it brought me! My darling child and odd friends." Your mother says oddly

"Very odd?" Seena scoffs offended

Felix only awkwardly smiles,

"Ara... can I speak with you?"

You smiled at your mother once more before walking away with Felix and Seena.

"What's up friends?"

"What's up with your mom? Why's she so—"

"Odd?" Seena asked, cutting through Felix's words.

"Odd? Mmm.. I don't know... she seems the same to me."

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