The Hashira Meeting

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A/N: WARNING ⚠️ smut ahead ⚠️


The night was painfully freezing as i ran throughout the dark forest i had to get to the Hashira meeting as soon as possible i was already running late, I was so focused on getting there in time I didn't even realise I was being followed by a demon until I heard a branch being snapped. I quickly came to a stop and turned around "Demon?" I called out waiting for it to come out it was stupid to think it could take on a Hashira..

Well that's what I was thinking until it stepped out of the shadows.

I froze.


The upper moon three.


"Hi there love" Akaza said as he stepped towards me, he had been following me around on all of my missions. I should of guessed that it was him.

"Fight me!" I half demanded all he did was laugh.

Laugh at me.

"I don't hurt woman" He commented something he had said to me many times when I had demanded him to fight me and it always pissed me off. I rolled my eyes and took off running and not to my suprise he took after me following closely behind me.

I was faster on my feet or maybe it was the fact he was following behind me, but I managed to loose him, making my way to the hashira house. I was only recently promoted to Hashira I had finally killed over 50 demons in only four months, I had some how invented my own breathing technique earlier this year when i was 16 and I was getting my own mansion I always wanted to be like Shinobu training young demon slayers and having people like the butterfly girls but I had no idea how to and Shinobu didn't seem to like me very much well none of the Hashira seemed to besides Giyuu.

I ran into the estate and ofcourse I was late, all eyes were on me quickly well besides Giyuus he was looking at the ground as always, there was a young boy lying on the ground I looked confused and he looked petrified i followed his eyes and they landed on Sanemi. That asshole. He was stabbing a box?
I was so fucking confused what the fuck was going on? Sanemi pulled the blade out and blood spilt from the box.


That was a demon.

The boy was protecting the demon.

I saw the anger in his eyes and he jumped up to attack Sanemi. I rushed in grabbing the boy by his collar pulling him back. "Don't attack Hashiras." I said as I looked at the boy tears forming in his eyes

"That's my little sister!" He screamed out and my heart sank that poor boy. I let go of him and marched over to sanemi slapping him in the face the connection making all the Hashira including Giyuu gasp.

"What the hell. You little brat" Sanemi half yelled in my face he was only a few inches taller than me as I was 5'6 1/2. Grabbing the box out of his hands and setting it down I began to speak

"His sister is a demon! He's been through enough don't harm her infront of him! Who the hell do you think you are?!" I screamed in Sanemis face

"Don't fight" Mitsuri barley whispered as she looked over with a nice smile on her face.
My my Y/N is different.. Sort of attractive.. Mitsuri thought as she watched the beautiful gesture unfold infront of her.

"He has no right to hurt a young girl let alone infront of her older brother how would you feel if somone hurt Genya in front of you?!" I screamed well half lectured, the ignorant asshole just rolled his eyes clenching his fist like he was about to punch me.

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