Chapter 1: Rejection Hurts

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I was rejected. Rejected by the only person how could have saved me from this hell hole. Everyday I would be woken up by my pathetic excuse for a brother and forced to make breakfast for the whole pack. The day I met my mate, I was so overjoyed that I could be saved, only for it to be crushed.


"Rosalinda, get out of bed and come cook some damn breakfast for us!" Screamed my brother, Danny, from outside my door.

"Alright, I'm up!" I yelled back.

I quickly grabbed a pair of sweats, and oversized shirt, and my old beat up converse. I yanked my hair up into a sloppy ponytail and made my way downstairs.

As I walked downstairs, I could see Alpha David making out with the pack slut on his lap at the end of the table. As I walked in, David stiffened and pulled back from the slut. He looked at me and I could see something in his eyes. Shock? Why would he be shocked?

I made nothing of it, and made breakfast.

"Would you hurry the hell up Rosalinda!?" Said my brother.

I quickly made a batch of 4 dozen pancakes and set them in the middle of the table. I made two for myself and proceeded to eat them when the pack slut, Britney said, "Keep eating fatass, no wonder no one likes you."

I could feel the tears coming to my eyes, but I quickly pushed them back and made my face emotionless. Unlike me, Britney had good looks that any girl would die for. Her tall slim figure, long blonde hair and good taste in fashion was nothing compared to my short chubby figure, with medium length brunette hair and horrible fashion sense.

I was constantly made fun of for my bright gold eyes. While my brother had bright sky blue eyes. Me and my brother look nothing alike, him with his tall slim figure due to being the captain for the schools soccer team.

Once everyone had finished breakfast, I was left with the dishes. Once I finished, I headed upstairs to get my backpack. Everyone in the pack had already left in their luxurious cars while I was left to walk.

I started my long walk to school where I would receive looks of disgust on the people who would pass me. I shrugged it off and after 20 minutes of walking I finally arrived at school.

I entered the school hallways and made my way to my locker. I could hear people around me calling me names but I ignored them. I got my materials for my first class, Math, and headed on my way.

I always wondered why people hate. Every since my parents died, everyone has done everything in their power to make my life miserable. I was to caught up in my thoughts that I hadn't realized that I bumped into a wall. But wait? Why did I feel sparks?

'Mate! Mate!' Said my wolf.

I couldn't stop the grin the found its way to my face! I had finally found him! I looked up and found out that I had bumped into.... David?

"Mate." I whispered.

His head snapped up to me and I saw the look of love in his eyes, but was soon covered up by disgust. I could feel my heart breaking.

"You will NEVER be my mate! My mate needs to be strong, beautiful, powerful, and you certainly are not that! You are unfit to be Luna! I, David Lopez, Alpha of The Night Shadow Pack, reject you, Rosalinda Martinez, as my mate." He stated.

And just like that I felt a horrible pain in my chest. I felt tears threatening to come out, but was pushed back when I felt a source of power consume me.

" You know, I thought that once I found my mate, I would be loved and cherished. But NO I was paired with an ignorant son of a bitch Alpha as a mate. If you want to reject me, FINE! but just watch, one day, you'll regret this!" I said as I ran out of the building.

I ran straight home and packed up all my things which weren't alot. Just a couple pairs of sweats, my other pair of shoes, and my credit card filled with $20,000. I have saved up over the years in hope of escaping, and I finally am! I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote a note to anyone who would care,

Dear Night Shadow Pack, 

I am finally leaving this hell hole I call home. You will never see me again. I guess your happy you finally got rid of me. Don't try looking for me, which I doubt you will, because you won't find me. Bye you mothefuckers! You WILL regret this! 

Dear my lovely mate, 

I hope you rot in hell, because one day you'll be on your knees begging for forgiveness! You'll regret this day! You're nothing but a pathetic excuse for an Alpha and mate. Hope you're happy! I, Rosalinda Martinez, resign as a member of The Night Shadow Pack. Bye asshole



And with that I shifted and ran into the woods. My white fur blowing in the breeze. Nobody knew i was a white wolf, because no one cared enough to let me shift. White wolfs are EXTREMELY rare, which i was shocked when i first shifted and found out i was a white wolf. I kept running until I couldn't feel the pack anymore. And once I had, I knew that I had now became a rouge. I kept running for a couple hours until I saw a river and decided to rest.

I shifted back, sat down on a rock, and cried myself to sleep...


I hope you guys like the story! I'm new at this, so just help me out!!



Love , 

Vanessa <3

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