One (Part 1)

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I open the door and slide in quietly. If Jack learns I had been out all night hunting I will never be able to leave this house again.

"Where have you been?" I hear a deep grumble come from the couch.

I flinch before I remember I'm the Alpha. He listens to me.

I straighten my outfit and turn to him.

"I've been out," I say with authority. I can see him raise his eyebrow even in the dark.

"Attacked by the courage bug?" he asks.

"I have courage." I stomp my foot and whine.

"Go to bed." He says. I don't want to listen but I'm tired. So I go to bed, but not because he told me to, but because I want to.

When I get into my room, I strip off the tight black hunting suit I own. I don't understand how people see me as a boy. I might not have the biggest boobs in the land but I'm no flat chest either.

I don't shower, I just put on a big t-shirt and PJ pants and crawl into bed.

The satisfying crack of his neck replaying in my head and I smile. I am one step closer to finding my parents killer. And one step closer to finding and killing my mate. I wasn't giving up my Alpha position for a Luna position.

Yeah, over my dead body.


Jack wakes me up early. By waking me up I mean, pound on my door till I wake up and tell him to cut it out. I open the door. Just out of bed and wickedly tired.

"Someone better be dying. " I grumble. He rolls his eyes and holds out a clipboard.

"Cross him off." He tells me.

I take the pen from him and cross of Halter Jones. The Alpha I had killed last night. I give him back the pen and am about to slam the door when he stops me.

"We have rounds. It's Saturday." He says.

I groan and successful close the door. I get into a nice dress; knowing very well who was coming today. I open my door and elegantly slide out. Jack follows behind me not missing a beat.

"Nice dress. Don't you think you're showing a lot of skin?" He asks as we descend the stairs. The train on my dress flies out behind me beautifully. I walk to the kitchen once I've reached the bottom of the stairs. "Never mind." He says.

I stride to the kitchen and grab an apple.

"A little dressed up for breakfast, no?" I turn to Noah and raise an eyebrow.

"Jealous?" I ask taking a bite. Jack hops up on the counter and grabs my apple, taking his own bite.

These boys were dangerous. They were also my best friends. Jack was my Beta. And Noah was the Omega. But, he was born into that, and even as an Alpha, I can't help him. So he can't fight, but his only defense is sarcasm and he's overly hilarious.

"You're asking for it," I say grabbing the apple back.

A small kid walks in. His name is Hunter.

"Alpha," he asks. "Someone's at the gates for you."

I nod. "Tell your dad to let them in," I say. He nods and runs out of the kitchen. And in a few minutes, there's a knock on the door.

I gracefully walk to the door and open it. She is stunningly beautiful. And her visit surprises me.

"Hey," she says, hugging me.

"Hey." I hug her, putting on a smile. I pull away and walk inside. Her scent engulfs me. It's foreign and as an Alpha, I feel threatened. She goes into my office and I follow. I close the door behind her.

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