Caroline chuckled, "It wouldn't be real friendship if you didn't have the urge to murder me." She said sarcastically as she linked their arms and walked towards the drinks. Luna raised her eyebrows at the term she used - friendship. She had multiple conversations with Caroline, and the two had gotten closer, but she was still surprised to hear that she considered Luna her friend.

"If this doesn't have vodka in it, I'm leaving." Luna gestured to the drink in her hand. She sipped it and pouted when she felt a burning sensation in her throat, thanks to the alcohol.

"I always put vodka in the drinks." Caroline said as she wiggled her eyebrows playfully.

"So, who'd you come with?" Luna asked with a smirk. Caroline went to answer, before focusing on something behind her. She furrowed her brows and followed her line of sight only to see Tyler Lockwood standing a few feet away from Luna.

"Are you crazy!" Caroline exclaimed angrily, knowing what would happen if Klaus knew he was un-sired, "If Klaus sees you-"

"What's he gonna do?" Tyler questioned sarcastically, making Luna's eyebrows raise at his confidence.

"Tyler, this isn't a joke." Caroline said, exasperated. Luna watched the couple interact as she sipped on the drink in her hand.

"Guys, I don't want to interrupt but I would keep your voices down." Luna muttered.

"Why?" Caroline asked.

"Because Klaus just walked in." Luna informed them. She bid them a quiet goodbye before walking over to him.

He smiled when he noticed the blonde coming to him, "I didn't think you'd show up." He said as his eyes trailed her body, admiring how much this decade suits her.

"Neither did I, but I was forced to." Luna explained.

"Would you like to dance?" Klaus said with a smirk as he held out his hand for her to take. She smiled softly and he took his hand.

They swayed softly to the music playing. They danced in comfortable silence, the both of them enjoying the moment.

"Didn't like this decade too much." Luna broke the silence, her voice quiet.

Klaus met her eyes, giving her a knowing look, "I never apologised. For what I did." Luna averted her eyes, feeling awkward at the topic of conversation.

"But, I am sorry. Leaving you was the biggest mistake I've made in my whole thousand years on this earth," Luna smiled at his confession as she rested her chin on his shoulder. He pulled away slightly, making her look up at him, "But have I got you back now?" He asked lowly.

Luna thought for a moment before answering, "I think you do." She answered quietly as they continued dancing to the song.

Luna felt a rush of joy coursing through her body. It had been so long since she had felt like this. Since she had heard those kind of words come from his mouth. And it was everything she needed.


"Why'd you call me here?" She called out, catching both her brothers attention. But the line of salt surrounding the school was what caught hers, "Why's there a boundary spell on the school?"

"Because of Esther." Damon responded as he stood next to her.

"And you want me to siphon it." Luna said, making them nod.

"Can you?" Stefan queried.

"I can," She nodded, making their faces light up with hope, "But it's gonna take a while."

"Then get started, we need to get the hell out of here." Damon ordered as he turned to enter the school.

Luna walked down the barrier of salt, "Where are you going?" Stefan called out.

"I don't think that siphoning the barrier in front of a bunch of people would be the smartest, so I'm walking down so I can do it in peace." Luna informed him.

Once she found a spot, she started siphoning. She could feel the magic filling her body and leaving the barrier. Siphoning the barrier had definitely not taken as long as she had expected, or it had taken too long and she didn't notice.

She could feel the power rushing through her body, begging Luna to be used. And it only assured Luna how powerful she was. She sped into the building, trying to find the group.

She stepped into one of the rooms and looked around, she saw the group crowded around a table, "The seals down." She called out, catching their attention.


The group made their way to the cemetery quickly, almost feeling that something bad was going to happen.

As the Gilbert's said their goodbyes to Alaric, everyone stood outside. Silently hoping it could've ended another way. That Alaric didn't have to die. But he was in transition, and there is no third option. You feed, or you die.

And Alaric decided to die. But he was forced to feed.

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