Sophia - CHAPTER 56

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Wade and Sophia where back in Tampa for the new hockey season to start after they finally bought his parents' house since Jack was off to college and his parents got the beach by the house as they've always wanted to.

Sophia had a lot of work to do for the next Calgary paper that was coming out but she still found time to go to Wade's games. She wasn't going to let work get in the way of being his biggest fan. She answered emails during commercial breaks and she wrote in her notes every idea that came to her head.

"Dude, how do you work during a game? I literally could never." Mackayla says with a mouth full of fries.

"It's not like I want to," Sophia says taking fries for Mackayla's tray.

Mackayla nods. "Still doesn't explain how you do it. I like your outfit though I guess that makes up for it."

"You were the one that told me to get dressed up. What's today's occasion? The last time we did this Wade asked me to be his girlfriend."

"Nothing just thought we could go out later and take some pictures together to celebrate the beginning of the season," Mackayla explains.

"Oh." The moment Sophia started to think Wade was going to propose, Mackayla proves her wrong and she mentally pouts. The last few months she's had this gut feeling that it was going to happen but every time she's been proven wrong so she's starting to believe it won't happen anytime soon.

"I'll get us another beer." She says getting up.

"Are you sure about that?" Mackayla says super quickly.

"Yeah? Why?"

"Uhm... no reason."

Sophia walks out of her seat and goes to get a drink from the stands and pays for it. She ends up getting a soda instead of a beer because of what Mackayla said.

The last period starts and Sophia is still answering emails when Mackayla taps her shoulder and tells her that the game is over.

"Already?" She asks and Mackayla laughs.

"Yeah, cmon," Mackayla says.

Sophia finds Wade's car and she waits beside it until he comes up to her. "Hey, baby." He says after kisses her.

"Hmm, hey," Sophia says. "You smell good. And you put your suit back on." She notices. "What's the occasion?"

"Depends on who's asking?"

"Hm, maybe your girlfriend?"

"Ah yes." He nods. "Well, I was thinking of changing tonight up. We usually just head back home so I thought tonight I'd change it up."

"What are we doing?" Sophia asks interested.

Wade smirks. "Hmm, that's a surprise."

"No fair now I feel underdressed and unprepared." Sophia pouts.

"Oh, that could never happen. You look amazing at any time anywhere."

Sophia scrunches her nose. "Cheesy."

"Get in the car you bum," Wade says. "Or we'll be late. And put the blindfold on."

Sophia gets in the car and does as she's told but she is so impatient she can't stop asking questions and moving around.

"Sophia Davis I have never seen you this anxious," Wade tells her jokingly but Sophia can't help but getting that gut feeling again.

"You don't surprise me like this often what am I supposed to do?"

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